Day 9 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 9 – Lock Down Diaries



I am enjoying the time “off” (not really “off” if you are a mom!), but like most business people, I am also pondering the consequences of our current lock down. Many businesses have managed to get their staff to take their annual leave over normal the Easter Holidays. This helps to keep the overhead staff costs as expected. However, with no clients coming through the door, income is also completely stifled.

But what do we really expect the outcome to be if we bring a whole economy to a halt?  Can we really start to imagine or predict what the outcomes is going to be?

  • Will we have a massive spike in sales after the lock down when people are allowed to move around freely?
  • Will the lock down realistically only be 21 days?


This is a virus we are talking about – nature taking it’s course with zero interest in our economic pressures and physical needs.  Whatever lies ahead – I think we will need new innovation, resilience and adaptability. Dion Fortune, in her book Esoteric Orders and their Work says: “The Lesser Mysteries aim at giving an all-round preliminary training first in the purification and discipline of character, and then in the development of the intellectual powers, especially that of concentration. All candidates need to pass through this course, and many failures come from too early  specialization. It is only after they have passed through the three grades in which consciousness is trained that the dedication is offered and accepted and they pass on to the Greater Mysteries.”

I think we are going to need above normal

  • discipline
  • wisdom/intellect
  • concentration


and we are going to need to be able to concentrate for long periods of time if we are going to navigate through these murky waters. I do think the world is going through a global fast track initiation at the moment, and if we are going to be relevant and contributing, we are going to have to master and incubate the above aspects in our daily life.

But what I do look forward to is innovation, new community ventures and the overthrow of current ineffective systems. May we as a great collective start to ponder and question the systems that are not serving all of humanity. May we start to question the systems only feeding a handful and their greed.  May we have more courage to speak up when we see things that are wrong.



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