Day 8 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 8 – Lock Down Diaries



I see many figures and statistics about South Africa and how our #flattenthecurve initiative has our number of COVID-19 cases much lower than compared to the rest of the world. I hear a lot of praise for the president for acting so quickly and severely. But at the same time I am also hearing that there is basically very little fresh produce left anywhere in any shop, and there is pretty much people walking around everywhere without consequences.

This makes me think of the classic mistake we make as humans: we tend to celebrate our victory too early, because we believe that by our little action that we’ve taken, we are out of the woods on a certain situation. This has taken real victory away from many people before and this over confidence, will continue to work to our detriment.

Now is not the time to get comfortable or relaxed. The journey really has just begun, and truth be told, we have not endured too much stress or distress yet. We are all eating (like Sunday meal meals from what I can see!), we are all warm and comfortable with wi-fi, enough water and our families are safely tucked together. We are in many was very comfortable and fortunate still.

But my heart can not but be restless about the journey that lies ahead. There is a latent discomfort in my belly and I continue to pray and intercede for our country and the human race. The journey has just begun. Today I felt trapped for the first time. I really would have liked to have driven to the beach, or to a friend for an early morning breakfast. I am starting to feel the effects of COVID-19, and I’m not entirely sure if I like it.



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