Day 54 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 54 – Lock Down Diaries



In a time where humanity is forced to put on physical masks – perhaps it will wake up to the discomfort of emotional masks. It suffocates you – it chokes your life force out of you. In severe cases it is as toxic to your relationships, like carbon monoxide is to a runner with a mask. It slowly poisons your system and steals your oxygen. Child therapists quite commonly refers to anger as the mask for other emotions. The kid may be experiencing a feeling of disappointment, they might feel powerless, which they are unable to describe or express. I honestly don’t think Adults are much different.

If you are constantly feeling angry – at yourself, at the world – I encourage you to go deeper. Think about this: Everyone can not always be against you – it can not always be someone else’s fault or the world that’s out to get you. If you go deeper past the mask of anger – ask yourself – what have hurt you as a child, and have you been able to see that. Have you been able to give yourself some compassion for the pain and hurt that you endured?

Give yourself the permission to heal today.


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