Day 54: #betterme Campaign

Day 54: #betterme Campaign

DAY 54! It has been 54 days since I started the #betterme Social Media Campaign at Sumika! I can not believe how time flies! I am going through a 10 month Kabbalah Ascension program and I decided to start creating change in myself and my world by taking small baby steps. Ghandi said that if we want to change the world, we must start by changing ourselves. I have purposefully not been reporting on the #betterme campaign day by day because I felt that to put pressure on myself to “report to the world” on a daily basis would defeat the objective of what I’m trying to do! I want to be more present in the moment and not constantly work on the “to do list” of my life. Having to report on this, would add another “to do” in my to do’s!

I have allowed the space to enjoy the challenge and magick of the journey and left the space completely blank to see how it unfolds.

So far, this is what I can report:

I have been posting these challenges 30+ days ahead as I have scheduled all my social media updates, IN ORDER TO HAVE MY OWN PERSONAL AND SOCIAL LIFE. What amazes me is the incredible timing of these posts! In recent weeks I started to notice that when I open the challenge for the day – it co-insides with what was happening in my day to the letter! On the day!
I am much  more structured and disciplined in my approach to everything I do across my businesses! I have managed to get more done in the last 6 weeks than what I would normally do in 3 months! Because I plan better, my head and my life is not so full of clutter and even though I am still extremely busy, I actually feel calm and focused amidst it all.  I feel clear about what it is that I am here to do and achieve in this world and I couldn’t give a hoot about anyone feeling different about my path.

On the day that I decided to feed someone, I committed to my domestic worker that I will help her send food to her family in Zimbabwe. The gratefulness in her voice and knowing what this means in her family’s life – WHAT a reward!  On the day that I said I would unplug from Social Media, I did! The amazing thing is ever since, I really have not been on social media much! I don’t feel the need to.  I can report that I feel so much better! Sounds ordinary right? Well I know that habits are hard to break and I believe that because I have put the intent out there in the universe, I am able to create change within myself so much quicker and easier! Off course this is also because of 8 years of alchemical transformation processes (e.g. Life Activation, Empower Thyself Training and Kabbalah), that I am able to create and redirect things in my life so much quicker! This is what it means to walk an accelerated path.  I am able to observe my own patterns (both good and some that are serving me less) and from that I am able to focus on goals and actions that would propel me towards my purpose in life.

I do not know what the rest of this path will bring, but I am ready and I am excited about the subtle but profound changes I can already observe. I trust the amazing rut work of the universe to support me no matter which roads I take, no matter the valleys and the hills. I know I am loved and cared for and I know an trust my own healing wisdom on this path! Today my encouragement to you is to start your own challenge to yourself! Start taking small steps to improve the quality and frequency of your life. Some things may be harder to do than others, but keep walking and keep discovering your own truth and path to finding joy on this earth! I know I am walking and enjoying mine!  If you want to put super boosters on your life, why don’t you join the next Kabbalah Ascension programme and see for yourself? Only your personal experience with the path will show you the benefits in your life! Stop living through other people’s experiences and fears and start living your own optimal life today!  It all starts with a Life Activation! You can read more about the Life Activation under the “Sessions” tab of this website.

In the meantime, I am enjoying time, soaking up the rays and warmth of the sun, with the extra time I created by making small changes in my life!

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