Day 52 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 52 – Lock Down Diaries



One thing I’ve noticed as a big part of the Afrikaner culture (that I come from), is the fact that woman tend to sacrifice themselves on the altar of their families. Now don’t get me wrong: having a family, nurturing a family and caring for others is not a problem – in fact it’s a huge part of what gives sense to our experience on earth! However, when you are basically relinquishing your thoughts, decision making, health, all your time and your passion to serving them without stop – you are saying to yourself that YOUR LIFE DOES NOT MATTER – YOUR CONTRACTS ON EARTH DOES NOT MATTER – only theirs do. And THAT is a lie!

As result – many woman end up in massive emotional crisis the day their children leaves the home and/or God forbid they loose a partner. It is good to be part of a family unit but, you are your own person, with your own contracts, here for your own spiritual evolution too! And if you don’t grow, they don’t! And you end up carrying generational patterns on to the next generation! You can’t pour from an empty cup! So what are you doing to fill your cup? One day a month at the spa? That is simply not good enough in terms of your eternal purpose in the Universe!

The lies that we are told is:

  • You should be content with what you have. Wrong! You should have gratitude, but you are an unlimited being and you are connected to an unlimited Source – you should lack nothing! Not even the sky is the limit – your beliefs are!
  • The woman is the “help meet” of the man – you are born to help him meet his ultimate potential in life (because men make more money than woman). Wrong! It is an equal role! One is not subject to!
  • The hierarchy is: “First God, Then Jesus, Then My man, Then Me.” Biggest lie ever! This is not what God or Jesus expects of you to give you favour! That is not how the balance between masculine and feminine energy flows! That is not how creation energy works! Each have their role – the one is not subject to the other! Think of an atom! If the positive and the negative would be subject to each other (one more power than the other) we would have chaos in this world! The positive and negative have to be equally strong or they will split and cause an explosion!
  • The man is the head of the house (taken as he must make all the decisions) and you are just there to help him in whatever he chooses to do. Wrong! The reality is: it’s quite the opposite! Woman hears from Spirit first! We then translate the message to our men and then we create together! Energy from from Feminine to the Masculine and then we create! This is why woman are more emotionally sensitive and intuitive than men! Yet in the old paradigm world (a very harsh reality of war, industriousness, aggression) woman were told to keep quiet and let the men handle the “tough” stuff. Woman – have you ever seen a man birth a child? I can assure you – woman are a lot more tough than what we are given credit for!
  • You should be the least and be quiet in your little corner where you raise the kids, while the man gets out of the house to earn the money (and end up controlling every sent and decision you make because he is making the money and you are doing nothing). What? Nonsense! Just because the woman chooses to stay at home to nurture the kids – doesn’t mean she has to always sit with an empty bank account and/or not have a say in how the family’s money is spent! Or worse – the woman starts a business so that she can have her own money and ends up having her own career AND raising the kids! That is hardly fair.
  • Your job is to keep the peace and keep everyone happy – that means even if you have an opinion about something, it’s better that you should keep it to yourself as to not make your man feel less of a man when you express that opinion in front of others. Wrong! Don’t get me going on that point!

Ladies… as a previously, good, compliant, indoctrinated Afrikaner girl, I can make this a looooooonnnnggg post!

And this may sound like I am an out of control, angry feminist – and I can assure you – that is not what I am. I quite like men. In fact – I have always preferred male company to female company. I happen to have an amazing partner who never treated me like his inferior. We are a team, we are a pair and we take challenges, decisions and obstacles head on, together and in consultation with each other. I know what it feels to have a partnership that is completely the opposite of what my mother had in her life. I can see the long term damage that her submission did to both her and us as kids! I see what this imbalance does in my client’s lives every day!

OK, so you are getting one day a month with your girlies out to town? You get a treatment at the spa, hair, nails and a clothing voucher to spoil yourself with. You have nothing to complain about, right? LADIES: THAT IS NOT ENOUGH!! We have to nourish our souls! And that takes discipline and dedication!

I don’t know about you, but for today, I am reminding myself: “MY LIFE MATTERS!” And therefore I will continue to pursue the highest spiritual truths that were previously only reserved for men, royals, academics and the chosen few. I know I have access to these truths and I know I can create beauty on this earth if I continue to pursue them! Onward forward female divine!


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