Day 51 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 51 – Lock Down Diaries



Something that I am noticing more and more in South Africa, is our increased inability really embrace a service culture. Even in leadership positions, I often see the “I am the boss” attitude, as opposed to “we are a team and we are here to serve the customer”.

The problem is that even across races, there seems to be a real attitude of entitlement. I see this not only in people serving locals, I see this especially in how South Africans deal with overseas visitors or colleagues.

We kind of operate like the whole world owes us something. Replaying the fact that WE are a victim. WE can’t do it for ourselves because (and we list our reasons):

  • apartheid
  • because our parents had beaten us as children
  • because we did not inherit wealth or an education from our parents
  • we don’t have a good body because our parents didn’t have good genes
  • can’t do maths because our parents weren’t good at maths…. the list goes on.

I see this in poor, wealthy, black, white, coloured, educated, uneducated people equally. We love a good victim story because it gives us the “get out of jail free” card when it comes to taking responsibility.

Here’s the thing: the “get out of jail card” has a bit of a trick to it. It only works so many times. Then, because we are here to learn and evolve, it kind of looses its trump. After using it for the second or third time, people will start to keep you accountable, as they can not continue to carry you and you can’t keep creating YOUR future, by holding on to what is in your past.

Every single person must take responsibility – or they will end in trouble. Trouble at work, constantly blaming others for their failures. Trouble in their relationships, because they don’t want to take responsibility for their emotions and projections. Trouble with their kids, because the kids see RIGHT through you and they will mirror your issues back to you every single time.

So not taking responsibility for your lack of: money, education, emotional outbursts, manipulation and apathy (laziness), will only work so many times!

The only way out of this is a reality check – a process of identifying what is illusions that you created for yourself – and then to acknowledging that you are the captain of your ship and ONLY YOU can change your circumstances!

It comes with knowing that as much as you need to serve yourself in life, you are here to serve others! With your love, with your compassion, with your joy, with your beauty, your intelligence, your positive energy – whatever it is that you bring to the collective human P-A-R-T-Y!

In South Africa we’ve got this thing: you don’t come to a party without something: either wine, snacks, crisps, meat or a salad – even a gift for the host. But you never rock up empty handed!

My question to you is: What are you serving on your party plate, when you visit the big party of life, and you sit down at the table of humanity? What is your contribution? What is your service to the greater good?


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