Day 50 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 50 – Lock Down Diaries


I dream of a world where we respect life and consciousness. There is only one race: the Human Race. And I acknowledge that some groups of people have endured excruciating pain and injustice by the hands of others. Things happened that should never have happened. Things ARE happening that shouldn’t happen. In the same breath as #blacklivesmatter we can say:

  • children lives matter
  • pangolin lives matter
  • animal lives matter
  • living forests matter
  • whale lives matter

Like most of us today, historical onlookers closed their eyes to what was playing out. I pray that we can look at the lessons from the past, and move forward, determined not to make the same mistakes again. And newsflash: hiding behind a screen and feeling good about keyboard activism will not really help the situation much. It is our minds, bodies and hands together in the field, fighting the good fight, that will make the change.  Emphasis on together. Not just one, note just some – ALL. Its going to take us all to stand up and say: enough is enough! Your opinion on social media does not create much change – sometimes it even worsens the situation because it creates more polarity instead of unification.
=We all have some area of ignorance. Where we have blinkers on for someone else’s pain and suffering. I pray that when you go out and bash other people for being ignorant, that you will have the courage to go within and find your own, because we are all a mirror of each other. What exists within me, exists within you. What I see in you, exists in me.
Do you know that there are other beings around us who have been disrespected for centuries?
I teach a class called The 12 Root Races. During that class we dare to explore the depths of connecting with extremely fragile and sensitive beings – seen and unseen. The unseen beings are behind the veil – but they exist to those who see! These are beings who have served us for many many years, yet they have endured so much pain and disrespect from us as humans.

May we this day be reminded that ALL LIFE MATTERS and that the only way forward into the new world is a foundation of respect. Respect for each other, respect for animals, respect for the environment, but also respect for the magickal beings that work tirelessly to help and support us in raising our consciousness.
When we as humans evolve and elevate to higher planes, we will be able to bring back cures, design new functional social systems and we can create health, wealth and abundance for all. What is there not to desire about that?

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