Day 5 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 5 – Lock Down Diaries



And suddenly I understand why the Italians are such passionate people and why cooking is such a big part of their daily and family life! What a special alchemical opportunity for all of us to mix our special essence into the food!  What do you mean? Well simply put we all have our unique essence and alchemy we carry. That is why Aunt Tina and you can cook exactly the same cake with the exact same quantity of each ingredient and her’s will taste much different to yours!  It is because YOU AND I ARE ALSO AN INGREDIENT! And you bring with you your specific influence on the batch!

I’ve seen it in corporate in a large spice plant mixing mill – even if you mix the ingredients in the wrong sequence it can create a different outcome! Adding spices in the wrong sequence can cause the whole batch to go rock hard and completely useless!

See there has been this world wide explosion of interest in cooking and cooking practices where many people went from kitchen hands hiding in the back end of restaurants to some of the highest paid and sought after celebrities in the world! And not without reason!

We all know cooking – but do we understand Alchemy? Is this an ancient process, ONLY practiced by pre-quassie pseudo scientists of old in dark dampy, make shift laboratories? Has modern science replaced this practice or process of old completely? Does it have any relevance to our life today?

Alchemy is an essential part of any creation process and the alchemy, if activated masterfully, can produce some of the most profound forms of transformation and personal accelerated evolution on the planet. What does that mean? It means it can help you become the best version of YOU! It can help you achieve your fullest potential – not only in the spiritual, but also in the physical! Why is it important for us to reach our potential in the physical? So that we can learn to CREATE! While we are alive! Being alive is our practice run as we will be creating for eternity after this!

What are the things that holds us back from creation in the physical?

  • processing emotions
  • lack of beauty
  • lack of inspiration
  • holding on to the past (events, loves, circumstances, people, hurts, emotions, perceptions, beliefs – you name it!)
  • poor health
  • our perceived lack of wealth
  • survival mode (in other words constantly believing that you must only live on the bare basics in order to survive – it stems from a lack of trust about support and provision from the Universe/God!)
  • being too analytical, logic and scientific about subjects (There is always an unknown X-Factor that logic can not explain! That is what we call miracles! But what if we have the power to activate miracles again and again and again? many years ago, electricity was seen as a miracle! Today it is accepted as a “normal” part of everyday life! Scientists are very easy to flip things off as quasi-science if they can not yet explain it – and that is a very dangerous place to do science from as it will not bring any new developments, innovation and progress to humanity!)
  •  not having dreams, goals and ideals!
  • thinking “I can do it tomorrow” or in a next life!
  • not living sacred lives – embracing sacred practices
  • disconnect from other humans (repeated patterns of conflict with everyone)
  • having no passion or desire for anything
  • thinking you “deserve” something because of your “hard work” and then be disgruntled for not receiving it
  • being scared of change
  • making decisions on the basis if it will bring you comfort or not


Alchemy awakens the consciousness within! It helps you to expand yourself, your family and your world view! By far one of the most potent alchemical change processes I’ve come across in my life (and this includes my professional career as a Vocation Education Specialist), is the Life Activation and Hermetic Kabbalah. If you want change in your life – if you want to learn how to create ANYTHING you want in your life  – this is one of the most effective ways to do it. No matter your background, where you come from or what you have!

Now will that process of change come with sacrifice and discomfort? YES! it probably will!  When we bake a bread – we have to harvest the corn, it has to be crushed into a soft powder, we have to transport it to our homes (change location), we have to add ingredients, knead it and BAKE IT! Baking means heating things up a little!

But what is the result? Yes – a warm, freshly baked bread out of the oven – one we can cover with soft, salty butter and sweet sweet jam! Just like what I am going to eat just now! I can smell the aroma of fresh bread as my tummy is growling as it’s screaming to be filled! Just like my soul and it’s eternal quest for more knowledge, wisdom, awareness and understanding of myself, myself in relation to my family and the world!

If you are thirsty for knowledge, change, abundance and if you want to start working on your eternal legacy to this earth and the life hereafter – contact me in order to learn how to take the first steps to finding and embracing the next level of you! All of this is pure alchemy and its secrets has been made available to the world TODAY! It is open and accessible to anyone who wishes to better themselves and their living conditions.



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