Day 49 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 49 – Lock Down Diaries



So as a sentient being, walking the earth in my rental vehicle (body),  I wear many hats: healer, coach, partner, lover, mother, daughter, sister, entrepreneur, warrior, mistress (ONLY JOKING!), artist, activist, dominus (ONLY JOKING!) and the list goes on.

I am glad you are enjoying my humor.

Back to the point I am trying to avoid with my crooked use of sexual humour. These days, I am seeing synchronicities everywhere! It really feels something like what I imagine Bradley Cooper in the movie Limitless portrayed. Spiritual awakening has many layers, phases, sensations, awareness’s and after 10 years of studying in a Hermetic tradition – I can honestly say that I believe you can reprogram your genetics and your DNA. You can change your destiny and your IQ, because there is no way that a normal farm town girl like me, can do what I do every day!

With that bombshell, allow me to again focus myself back to the point!

My husband is a Winemaker. Just the other day mid-COVID frustration I yell at my kids: “STOP WHINING”!

And it hit me! Their dad is a wine-maker so he makes WHINERS!!!! Off course!!

See – it’s all in the genetics! For real!

There you go – my little serious, non-serious musing for the day.

Stop creating WHINERS in your life. All these niggly things that are wining in your ears and eating your time and attention away – YOU have created it -consciously or subconsciously! Because you are 100% the creator of your own life!

But on a totally serious note: if you really want to understand how you create with your thoughts (positive and negative), come join us for Empower Thyself Training that will be coming one of these days! You really can be empowered enough to focus on creating only positive things with your mind. God knows, we need positive in this day and age!






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