Day 48 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 48 – Lock Down Diaries



And just like that: I am just under twenty posts behind! But who is counting? Okay I am, but not fast! As I’m making myself a cup of tea, I am reminded to take a breath, add the chamomile, the spoon of honey and to stir the cup clockwise.

Rest, take in the moment, BE.

I tend to work at night, well because: I’m the Moon Goddess! But not only that, ever since I was in school – I would prefer to do my assignments late at night. Which due to normal shop and school hours, was a disaster! These days as an adult I can arrange my life so that I am able to work on my natural biorhythm, so it has become a bit easier.

During the last ten years of my life, have often thought about why my natural tendency was to be up until the wee hours of the night. At first I wrote it off to practical reasons: the kids are asleep, you’ve just had a day of work and running around seeing clients. At night I can sit down, put on my meditation music, and admin the night away! Red flag alert! Recipe for burnout let me just tell you that!

By the way – just appreciate this beauty on the link below:

I realised that this programming started much earlier than that! My mother was a night nurse and was still working well into her pregnancy. Even as a fetus, I was awake and serving with my mother where she worked in hospitals! I realised that I had a higher intelligence in choosing my mother to parent me – I knew that her natural biorhythm will be able to “code” my human body so that I am ultimately armoured and ready to deal with the human contracts I signed prior to coming into the physical plane.

Science is proving that our body’s ability to heal and repair itself is greatly effected by our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and intentions for they have a profound vibration effect upon our continually evolving genetic code. We’re the programmers of the code. DNA Activation is our software upgrade. (Unknown, on Epigenetics)

As humans we are all such different creatures, with different contracts and codings (or programs if you wish). The more I work with people, the more I observe the following: WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, YET WE ARE ALL THE SAME. That to me, is the sign of the ultimate intelligence. Imagine the Engineer, the Creator of such a product, object or concept! Mind blowing!

Everyday, I watch people in real life and people in the media, struggle with this concept. It is this very design that gives us the most amazing ride here on earth! The elation of the highs and the agony of the lows. That is what makes our human experience truly unique and exhilarating. That is how we learn.

Next time when you are on the hill – ENJOY THE VIEW!

Next time when you are in the valley – SEE THE LESSON!

Next time you are on the path – FEEL THE JOURNEY

But never, never, never break down yourself or doubt that you have an unbreakable Spirit – winning DNA, and that ALL the secrets of the universe rests right inside of you.






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