Day 43 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 43 – Lock Down Diaries



I was standing in the row at the grocery store the other day and I noticed the lady in front of me getting quite frustrated with her mask. To be fair – most of us are pretty frustrated with the carbon dioxide “traps” we are legally forced to wear.  We full well know these masks are not a fail safe way to protect us from infection.  This lady’s additional challenge was the fact that she wore glasses. As she was struggled for breath, her glasses fogged up. I definitely felt for her. I know she has other options in terms of the design of mask she chooses. She could buy some of the spectacle friendly designs, or if she was cash strapped, with some innovation,  she could recycle some items to create her own customised solution for free!

I was wondering if she was even aware of other options – or if she was telling herself that her circumstances didn’t afford her other solutions?

As I was standing there I was thinking: this is such a metaphor for life and humans to me!

Many times:

  • we walk around – hardly breathing because the emotional masks we’ve had to put on for survival in past relationships.
  • these masks are fogging up our “glasses” or way we view the world and relationships.
  • these masks are hiding our true essence/smile.
  • we believe our mask is our only option – we think we have to stay with the hand we were dealt.
  • we express less of ourselves because we learned that it was not safe to tell other people what we feel (I personally hate talking to people with the mask on and I can’t hear when other people speak!).
  • these masks are causing frustration.
  • we can get so distracted by these masks that we loose focus of the bigger picture or the “why” of why we are here.
  • we believe we need a lot of money to solve our problem or worse – we believe the ONLY way to solve our problem is to have money.

Do you see yourself wearing a mask? Does it have a colour? A smell? A texture? Do you have one or many? Do you see yourself as having other options? Do you believe you can create your own design or cost effective solution? How attached are you to your mask? Do you know what you look like without it?  Do you fear the consequences of removing your mask? Are you willing to break the “law” in your mind of having to wear a mask?Would you rather pass out from carbon dioxide poisoning before you are willing to remove it?  Are you willing to investigate the science or reason behind wearing the mask – or are you happy just to roll over and comply? Are you willing to pull off the mask if need be and are you mature enough to face to the consequences?

In a world where everyone wears a mask, it is a privilege to see a soul. Unknown

Do you pull it off (like a certain ladies item) when you get in your car or home? Do you remove it only in front of those you love?

There is no arguing that the mask is a practical temporary solution. But it is only that – a temporary solution. It creates problems in your physical life, in the way you manifest energy (money), if you start to accept the mask as permanent. Masks are temporary measures to protect you from external emotional pain once inflicted on you. They are not a long term, they are not fail proof shield, and they definitely are not part of your physical body and soul. They are not you. Do yourself a favour and don’t confuse yourself for your masks. Don’t let it taint or fog up the lenses through which you view the world.






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