Day 40 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 40 – Lock Down Diaries



I look at the commotion around Lock Down in South Africa and I think to myself: But people – we are mostly living in a cages in any case??! The invisible cages created by the “you musts” the “you can’ts” and the “you should’s”.

Yes. People live in invisible cages created by themselves, society, parents, teachers, communities, religions, workplaces and pretty much any structure and rule giving organisation in this world!

I see so many personal dreams and aspirations sacrificed on the altar of OTHER people’s expectations of us. We don’t say it, but lets be honest: how many times have you had an idea or desire to do something and then thought – I can’t do that, what will the people say when they find out?

Those are dream killers! They create dangerous limitations in our minds, they stop our progress and it stops our progression. We stay stuck in the paths of the old and we often pass the same wounding or limitations on to our children.

Don’t get me wrong – I am quite a fan of good healthy tradition funny enough, but not at the cost of the individual’s freedom of choice. I will make this post a short one because I would love for you to rather take five minutes to jot down two or three dreams that you have on paper. Then take about 5 minutes each to write down what you think are beliefs, structures and beliefs you have that stops you from making these dreams come true. It can be anything really!

What are the things that you will not even tell your best friend?

Perhaps you dream of being a singer and you are a stay at home mom because your family has traditional roles and the man is the provider for the home. Perhaps you are a father working an 8-5 grind job and you absolutely hate it – you’d rather stay at home as caregiver or become a chef or a member of a band! What are your dreams and what is “realistically” keeping you from doing that? These are all understandable desires for society. But what about the more taboo topics? Do you have feelings for people from the same sex? Do you feel like you don’t want only one sexual partner? Do you feel like you want to go to another church – just to see how they worship? Do you want to date someone from a different race? Do you want to sell everything you own and take your family abroad and live a nomadic lifestyle? Do you want to open an art gallery or Drag Club? Do you like to cross dress? Would you like to have a sex change? Do you want out of your unhappy marriage? I can go on for hours and create an endless list of things that are bound to push some emotional buttons.

Bottom line is – what do you whisper to yourself when no one is listening. What thoughts do you entertain when you are alone? Some of them can legit not be your own voices – you might be feeling the feelings of your ancestors! You might be thinking their thoughts – that is how bloodlines work! The great work – the true path of self knowledge and self actualisation (fulfillment of your true fullest potential) lies in hearing your own voice! The answer lies in knowing yourself so well that you can discern between when these thoughts are your own or learnt or inherited behaviours – but that will require radical honesty with yourself about yourself! Add to that the voice or impulses from trauma related incidents and it becomes VERY hard to hear your own voice!

I never could understand how they taught us about Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and the teachers always said: “don’t worry about self actualisation because it will never happen – no one will ever have everything they want or be completed or fulfilled”. This is almost verbatim what my Home Economics Teacher (bless her heart) taught me! OH MY WORD! I will never forget her words! What a big LIE bought into!  Even then, (in context I grew up in a small farming community and was in school about 20 years ago), even THEN I wanted to call the teacher out – BULL S***!

I could not accept that we could not attain inner peace – that Nirvana (or Middle Pillar – Kabbalistically speaking) within ourselves. Yes you can reach Enlightenment on earth – in fact – YOU SHOULD! That’s the purpose of it all! To merge the spiritual and the physical into one!

I never did well with the boxes – and I am personally planning on kicking a couple into pieces in my lifetime still!






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