Day 39- Lock Down Diaries

Day 39- Lock Down Diaries



One of the essential services logged by the South African Government from day 1 has been internet connectivity. Mobile networks, internet service providers and network companies are allowed to operate. Thank goodness for that! How else would we blog and can you imagine what kind of revolt  we would have on hand if we took the children’s wifi away!

This is a topic that has been out there for a while. Connectivity amongst humans. It’s been said a million plus times: human are more connected than ever, yet more disconnected than ever!

One thing I have noticed with pretty much all my clients (and myself included) is that we all have this incredible longing for connection with each other. Even if you are naturally an introvert – very few people can be truly happy without someone to love or talk to, in their life.

I find myself constantly looking for true and new deeper connections with people and I have to be honest – there is so much hurt in this world that people are so hesitant to talk about who and what they truly are! This makes me so sad!

Even amongst close friends I often hear that people omit certain parts of their life to each other because they fear judgement from a friend who has a strong opinion about something! That feels so wrong! Why do people allow that kind of dominance over themselves?

I am naturally a very easy going person, and for the most I really try to respect other people’s views and beliefs. I have travelled a lot in my life and I’ve met the most amazing people of different faiths and early on that made me question my religion of birth. I wouldn’t dream about attacking someone about their faith, family practices, political views, simply because I feel different in principle. Why are people so threatened if someone believes something different to what they believe? It’s not like I”m going to brainwash someone to “come over to my side”? The only time you will be threatened is if you are not secure enough in what you believe?

What another person believes is non of my concern really. If someone comes at me for advice I will share from my experience and viewpoint – if they ask! If they come with an outright attack, provocation or tries to elicit information that I am not prepared to share – you can bet I will be setting my personal terms straight. I will definitely assert my boundary. And yes: I will not sit in company where people disrespect woman, or make racist or homophobic jokes and comments. I will not tolerate the hurting of animals and children in front of me – just not going to happen for me. But other than that – I’m really cool with whatever topic comes up!

Sometimes a joke is okay but sometimes the energy and intent is just off! I don’t feel comfortable in environments like that and I respect myself and my diverse group of friends too much to sit around and entertain it. Then I would silently remove myself from the group and go sit somewhere else. What people do when I’m away really is out of my control.

But other than that – I am really fascinated about what people believe, how they think, how they feel within themselves and what choices they choose to make. Their hopes, dreams, fears – what they are curious about? I love asking questions and I love hearing people answer. I love it when I can see that something I said made them think! Just like I enjoy being challenged on my viewpoint! A different perspective is always healthy and welcome! There are very few things that are more precious to me than friends or companions who can sit and discuss topics for hours without getting defensive, without trying to win me over to their point of view and who simply just trust me enough to share whatever they want!  I certainly hope I am that kind of friend!

All I want from life is true, honest, pure connection with other humans – free from my own and their judgement! I pray to God that we don’t allow the Corona virus to steal that physical, emotional and spiritual connection away from us! I pray that this virus will pave the way for much deeper conversations and unbreakable bonds between people.  I pray that that which was meant to harm the world will be our biggest gift ever!






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