Day 38- Lock Down Diaries

Day 38- Lock Down Diaries


Awakening – what do you mean – I am not asleep? (Part 2)

Truthfully – one person with a Facebook profile shaming false information is not going to make the world a better place. Unless a celebrity or “influencer”, it really is not going to tip the apple cart at first. But slowly over time – the one post by everyone, becomes a confusing noise that drones out the truth.

When posting, we have to ask ourselves, are we willing to take the Karma for what we posted? What if it lead thousands of people astray or worse – if it influences the one individual who is misguided enough to murder, kill or terrorise for that belief?

I enjoy being able to see the story from different sides and for some aspects I may be more inclined to agree with a certain view point than others. But, I fundamentally believe that digging in your heals about any topic is extremely dangerous and ignorant. Swearing by your own perspective and refusing to acknowledge that other possibilities exist – means one is closing the door for new knowledge to enter your paradigm. Ask yourself this – who puts on half a pair of glasses and sees it as normal?

What I find dangerous about this trend is:

  • Continuous one sided posts create polarity – if you are going to stand on one side of the debate and only read certain articles – what is going to come up in your feed, and in the universe is only that perspective – it’s called the Law of Attraction. This will even more feed your view that only one side is “correct” – leading to more “heal digging” and assertion of your “truth” – thus more division in society. God knows – we don’t need more of that.
  • We shut the door for open, transparent, neutral and non-emotive discussions and explorations around the topic because we are so hung up on being “right” that we can not explore and truly see and object, situation, or human for who/what they truly are.
  • We taint everything with our opinion! Thus we don’t have a real and true full experience – we are stealing from ourselves!! Wouldn’t it be so much more refreshing than two egos strong arming each other into submission all the time! Anger, frustration and aggression will just not lead us anywhere in science.
  • if we sit on a throne of perceived academic superiority/intellect, we look down unto the “mere mortals” who we want to “catch up” on our way of thinking. That is ego driven thinking. If you are blessed with great knowledge – please share your knowledge with people who are not as gifted. SERVE others with your gift.
  • People love to quote science. And yes – I do believe I have a “scientific mind” (whatever that means) – but science without acknowledgement of Spirit (the X factor, possibility of an anomaly – whatever you want to call it etc) is useless. If you are not going to acknowledge spirit as part of the universe – you are going to get stuck on limited aspects of matter only! It doesn’t leave space for miracles. If anything, scientists are HUGELY frustrated by any kind of uncontrolled force or happening because then it can’t explain it with commonly accepted logic yet. But science is as fickle as the next person’s “crazy” theory that is as repeatedly proven by peers.
  • There is still so much more that we as humans need to discover. Most of these “things” (or laws), have existed for centuries – millennia even and we not aware enough to see what is right in front of us. Until someone like Einstein comes along and highlights it to the mainstream.
  • Frankly speaking – if a scientist have not made any significant scientific discoveries – there is little argument for intellectual and academic superiority. Just regurgitating scientific knowledge and data makes nothing more than a clever repeater system. There hasn’t been any massive scientific breakthrough to the likes of Einstein’s relativity theory and that has been holding humanity back. So if you are so intellectual – get out there and make a change to the world. Please do – we need it.
  • Knowledge without experience is dangerous – book knowledge and theory does not lead to wisdom. I sometimes think instead of making half baked arguments – a person can keep their integrity by simply saying: “You know what – I don’t know enough or have enough experience in that field to have an opinion”. Boom – conversation ended and truth and honesty preserved the relationship and you didn’t lose credibility for when you engage with that person next time.

Reality check: not too many years ago scientists believed the earth was flat, people were allowed to smoke in aeroplanes freely and woman had no voting rights. Total societal constructs and accepted by most of the time. A few exceptional free thinking individuals challenged and changed the status quo. Most of the real game changers in society had little qualification but they had a freethinking mind, intuition, a bit of crazy and a stroke of luck. A qualification helps, but it doesn’t exclusively qualify you to complete contracts in life. You will arrive at your destination – no matter your background or start in life. Its up to YOU to get up from your backside and make it happen!

Current hot topics include:

  • vaccines
  • COVID-19 (Corona Virus)
  • racism (includes race identity)
  • politics
  • government decisions/policies
  • parenting
  • 5G
  • abortion
  • gender identity
  • body shaming/weight
  • aliens / UFOs
  • religion
  • scientific facts
  • psychedelics

Awareness means you are also aware of what you are putting out there and if you are really aware you would think a thousand times about every single post and share. Bottom line – very few things in life is all wrong or all right! And finally – I hope this post does not contribute to the online drone!






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