Day 36 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 36 – Lock Down Diaries


Awakening – what do you mean – I am not asleep? (Part 1)

Everyone is talking about the “big awakening”. People are awakening. What does it mean? It seems like a lot of people are a keyboard warriors, youtubers or activists these days. This creates a lot of online noise and mind fog in the world. I notice that more and more that people are regularly sharing one sided articles on topics and they seem to feel compelled to bring everyone over to their side of the story.  This is exasperated by all the idle time on hand due to world wide Lock Down situation. Let me put it out there: that this is nothing more than driving a personal agenda or the games played by politicians. It is a mentality of: “if I can get you to my side of the story I can drive the masses in the direction of my view, point or agenda and everyone will have to accept how I see it”. And most of the time people believe that what they are doing is “for the greater good of all”.

One of my biggest lessons from a master teacher has been: “Leonie, the way to hell is paved with good intention”. When I grasped what he said – I cried for days. Because I realised in that moment how incredibly convinced I was that my views were important and correct enough that they “served all”.

The first sign of things changing for people is normally when we start to ask different questions. Different questions leading to different perspective of life. It is normally the sign of a developing inquiring mind.

When our kids start with the “why” phase – we see it as a growth mile stone. Normally we are both irritated and elated by this occurrence. The sad part is that we as parents normally start to shut those questions down because we perhaps don’t have time to deal with all the questions, we don’t have all the answers, or we simply need 5 minutes to plan the evening’s meal in our mind. This shuts the child down until later in life they find the crowd where they are able to ask questions and find answers and THAT CROWD may or may not be our choice for our child. But they will continue to search.

For me being awake means:

  • being alert and aware of your immediate and further surroundings
  • seeing the unseen
  • looking at things from as many possible angles as possible – often accepting quite contradicting view points, but still able to see the relevance of both – that shows maturity
  • having a quiet mind
  • being emotionally centered – sometimes having absolutely zero emotion about something! An emotional attachment to a topic often leads to cognitive dissonance
  • being compassionate towards others
  • caring yourself and about others
  • knowledge of self
  • asking questions – not just accepting things on face value
  • having experience
  • being able to guide someone without interfering with their path/learning
  • most of all – to have wisdom (it lies beyond knowledge, constructs or facts)
  • to have the courage to ACT and inspire change

What also makes me sad is that I hear a lot of questioning of humans integrity, intentions and spreading of rumours. Even though I agree with having discernment – I do think there is a lot of chaos that is erupting because everyone thinks they are now seeing the REAL TRUTH.  People pointing fingers, making allegations and are trying to be a hero by highlighting something corrupt, illegal, hidden and fake out and that sounds like a mob jury. To judge and bury someone without a fair trial is not considered fair in any society. There is a lot of “crying wolf”, and in that I see that darkness is also pulling down the brave AND CORRECT individuals who are trying to elevate the condition of the masses. I think it is totally okay to disagree with someone, but emotive outbursts, shaming, taunting and intellectual haughtiness on social media platforms in my view is not.

Watch out for intellect,
because it knows so much it knows nothing
and leaves you hanging upside down,
mouthing knowledge as your heart
falls out of your mouth.

~ Anne Sexton

No one has ALL the real facts about every topic in the world – only in future may we discover that we all actually had it all wrong. Only history will ultimately tell us who the real Heros were.

Even for trained journalists with years and years of experience, it has become a nightmare to flesh out the truth. They can only go on what certified science of the time have documented and/or expert opinions. So it is science of the time, interviews, personal experiences & opinions, evidence (which is another topic for discussion) and a hunch that leads them to a view point that is presented to us – for consideration. We might have knowledge or experience that tells us different. Obviously the world, people and views also highly purchasable, corruptible (don’t tell the journalists – they will slaughter a mere blogger like me and they will make a lot less grammar mistakes!).

Awareness means you are also aware of what you are putting out there and if you are really aware you would think a thousand times about every single post and share. Bottom line – very few things in life is all wrong or all right.






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