Day 33 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 33 – Lock Down Diaries



Is it just me or is everyone out on a cause? Don’t get me wrong – in my hay day I always had a cause that I was fighting, petitioning and lobbying for. But now these days I don’t feel I have the drive, the energy or the need for that?

My magick to the world lives within me. My service to the world has taken a different shape and I am a lot more at peace. My action, action, action mentality has shifted more to a create mindset.

I don’t know if it is due to the two (ok perhaps three) complete burnouts that I had, or if it is me just being lazy (and I know I’m not lazy because I make people around me tired as I almost NEVER sit still). I just concentrate my Light a lot differently these days. In many ways I feel more effectively.

I live with a different compassion, a different viewpoint, a different calling and a different centeredness.

We all have phases or seasons in our life. I am glad that I took action when I did. But I am enjoying this time in my life when pretty much what is going on on the outside hardly gets to my inside. If it does, I fiercely protect my peace and my inner kingdom.

That is a cause I am still willing to fight for. Join the cause – your cause! Serving does not only mean making sandwiches and soup. If you are centered you can lift your frequency and serve humanity in a different way.




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