Day 32 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 32 – Lock Down Diaries



There is a lot of controversy about the conditions of lock down and the necessity of stopping the sale of certain products. For instance: you can buy clothing for 2-3 year old children, but nothing for those who are older. There is no buying of underwear in certain shops. Essentials? For some it might be. The big debate in South Africa however, seems to be around alcohol & tobacco.

The debate for alcohol and tobacco is about the loss of income to the government  – to which there doesn’t seem to be a concern on the president’s side. Obviously people are starting to trade on the black market (meaning illegal – never did like that term) and these items have become commodities to trade with. I have heard rumours of priced being inflated between 6-8 times the normal price! Worse part? People are seemingly paying it!

That is how addicted we have become. This is how determined we have become to keep our habits. This is how determined we are not to change.

A hairdressers are deemed a non-essential. I’ve seen people begging for work and willing to break the law to cut someone’s hair. For that family that income is vital! All is fair in love and war right? But what about in times of pandemic or hunger? Most small and micro enterprises does not have a two month stock pile to keep them through times like this. Many times the priority is to pay rent, and other money will go from hand to mouth. It’s been 6 weeks and most families are starting to feel the crunch.

Parents are feeling the pressure as items such as diapers, food basics and toilet paper is taking priority over rent and pretty much everything else. All this is putting people at risk of losing their homes and piling up on the debt.  But we still are not demanding a change in our governing structure. We still are not hungry enough to demand change.

I feel like we are all in an earth quake and it doesn’t matter where you stand – the earth is shaking and there is nothing we can do about it. Or is there? Are we vulnerable? Are we unable to stand together and say: no more – we simply can not take it – things have to change because if this continues we will die of hunger in any case? The decision making of having 2 compound hours for exercise versus one person at a time at a hairdresser, does not make sense!  The beach is not safe to access, but you can walk/run on the cement areas or runways? Can anyone explain the science behind this decision making? And if there is no science to explain it – what does it leave us with – personal or political agenda?

The game of survival has begun.

What are we to do?  Hang on to what we’ve got – each one for him/herself and their family? Or do we reach out to people who don’t have families they can rely on for essentials? Do we enable the government by taking over their responsibility to feed the people – which lessens the pressure on them to lift the ban?

Is giving in times of need not essential to our well being? Even if you don’t have much – there is always someone who has less than you. How about we continue to move the energy and pay it forward every time we receive something from someone else? Is having a voice to speak out when things are does not seem to be above board – is that not essential?

What is the foundation for the new world that we are creating? Is it better than the old one? Or do we simply not have our back up against the wall enough yet to demand that change?

One thing that is going to be essential in this time is awakening. Awakening and opening of eyes to see. See what is real, see what is fake and see which causes are worthy of your time and attention. Everyone started with a big Hail Mary of the president. The tune seems to have changed dramatically in the last week. I believe it is important to hold your center and not be swept up by necessary propaganda and misdirection – I do however believe it is our time to open our ears to the plight of those who are really in need.

Some hard lessons are being learnt as we speak. A lot of people are going to need support and compassion. If you can’t give food – at least give an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.




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