Day 31 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 31 – Lock Down Diaries



And just like that: I am about eight posts behind. Blame it on COVID – blame everything on COVID. Everything that is good. Everything that is bad. Everything that is completed, and everything that is not done…..

I suspect that will be the status quo for a couple of months to come.

Because see – we humans are not very, ok how can I put it gently: “seasoned” in taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions. And yes, I do have my tongue in my cheek while I’m typing this.

And how handy this little virus has come in. AND, I suspect – it will be milked for months to come!

Confession time: I already did it once! I didn’t want to deal with a situation – so I blamed COVID…..COVID – you naughty naughty little virus…….

But seriously – at some point we are going to have to face the music:

  • for all the money borrowed and dished out in our already troubled economy
  • we are going to have to prioritise our inner work above the outer survival stuff that is currently in overdrive
  • becoming economically active to create our own income stream
  • home installments or rent to our landlords
  • school runs and stationary drives
  • traffic jams and unachievable deadlines
  • long ques and expensive food
  • surface friendships and forced social interactions
  • underwear, earrings, make-up and high heals
  • sweaty gym parlours and expired gym cards
  • fatty take-aways and gassy pop drinks


But not today. NOT today. And with that – I am okay! #livingfortodayintoday




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