Day 28 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 28 – Lock Down Diaries



Before the lock down, about 50% of my time in corporate and in my healing business, was spent on helping people:

  • accept themselves,
  • accepting others
  • opening hearts and minds to new viewpoints
  • creating an environment where people can start to trust each other emotionally – even when highly unprecedented: to give them a hug!


I teach emotional intelligence and cultural/human diversity to corporate groups.  Basically just helping people to judge less and connect more.

Boy, did this virus bat my work for a curve!

Part of our problem as humanity is the fact that we have become disconnected. Before lock down what disconnected us was jobs, screens, mobile phones, busyness, trauma, unresolved conflict, betrayal, and the list goes on! After lock down – COVID has potentially given us a very convenient AND LEGIT excuse to avoid physical (and emotional) contact with other humans!  Emotional contact only goes so far without it screaming out for physical aspect. Ask the many shipwrecks on the shore of distance relationships! Most of them will confirm:”I really loved him/her, but I just couldn’t hold on to just the thought of him/her anymore.”

“I needed someone to hold me, I needed someone to cuddle me”, is often what you will hear them say.

We also want to watch our partner, interact with them, observe their reactions, their emotions, we want to feel their energy. A big part of what makes us feel alive, is feeling the energy of those around us!

A prime example for me is my exercise classes! We have moved unto an online version but boy – there is no way that I will continue to do online classes if I don’t have to! I want to feel the energy, the beat, smell the sweat and see my class mates as we make mistakes in the sequence! That is part of the whole experience! And the internet dilutes that energy tremendously! I feel so sorry for my instructor because I think she must be working double hard to bring us her usual energy and motivation across! Know her too, it’s just not the same to see her encouraging smile hovering above me when I do the difficult moves!

What goes hand in hand with this for me is the matter of survival. When our survival instinct kicks in, we go into fight or flight. For most the “flight” response is to go inside. Into survival mode. What I’ve spent the other 50% of my time and efforts on was to try and show people that we are divine and royal beings and that we can elevate our frequency to live unimaginable lives without limitation. Guess what lowers or frequency like a brick? Survival mode.
We are unlimited beings, with unlimited resources, with unlimited potential and what does COVID scream in our faces? RESTRICTION, LACK, LIMITATION, CLENCHING, CONTRACTION, HOLDING ON, HUNGER and did I say……… LACK!

One thing I am counting on heavily to counter this natural reaction, is the human spirit. Yes, as humans, our judgement, discretion, discernment and decision making on a good day is, well… questionable. But one thing Gods and the heavenly beings love about us, is our undying fight and spirit to stand up and push through, when all bets are off and all is pretty much lost and gone – WE FIND A WAY.

Somewhere, somehow, there is always a human that doesn’t give up – that doesn’t lose hope. One human, that makes the Gods not give up on us. One that is upstanding, worthy and noble enough for them not to wipe our existence off the earth.

And that is what I am counting on. That we will all stretch a little further in our belief – that we will all reach out a little further than our perceptions, and create what the situation in the future will be, as opposed to being a victim of it.  I pray that we do not sacrifice our honour for survival, that we will remain diligent and in right standing in our hearts, no matter how stretched we are.  I pray that we will hold unto every morsel of hope – because as the saying goes: “it aint over till the fat lady sings!”

Where there are humans, there is always hope, where there is hope, there is a remedy.

“Sometimes we are tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths.” May your strength show during this time, but may you be brave enough to face your weakness, and overcome it.




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