Day 27 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 27 – Lock Down Diaries


One thing that I have noticed in talking to different people during lock down is this: COVID-19 comes with its own volume of high-dose truth serum.  Why do I say that?

If anyone was not ready to face the truth of their reality and situation – this little virus is a BIG magnifying glass.  Putting this magnifying glass over any situation will show the painful detail and reality of your existence or condition. However you choose to see it (or not!).

  • Were you unhappy in your relationship before lock down? This is a long time to be locked into the same space with someone you loathe.
  • Were you unhappy with yourself and were constantly looking for external connection to feel loved and accepted in yourself. This is a hard one to face then.
  • Were you under financial pressure before the lock down? This is enough to push most people over the edge, into the red, and beyond.
  • Were you unhappy in your chosen vocation? This will make you re-assess from a completely different angle because only sheer passion and persistence will keep you focused on the task at hand during this time. Money has very little value if you are facing a deadly environment and online shops that blocks all the non-essential purchases.
  • Did not feel connected to your purpose?  This is an awful lot of time you could have spent focusing on making uninterrupted plans and dreams to manifest into the physical.
  • Were you not organised before the lock down? Again, plenty of time to move energy around, get rid of dead weight and stuff blocking the flow in your life and your house.
  • Turned to retail therapy or the gym to deal with unresolved feelings? Bummer.


And this list can go on for miles and miles. It really is an exhaustless line of items,  because as humans we will do basically anything and everything in order not to face ourselves and our hurts. We are almost endlessly crafty in concocting ways and “legit” methods to hide our true feelings. We really struggle to be honest with ourselves and those around us. It is our nature. It’s our convoluted protection mechanism.

How can we respond to this often “rude” awakening? Well as humans we normally do one of two things: we betray ourselves and bury our emotions deeper to enable things to go on as normal. And we start to live a life of pretend. This eats away your soul. Or, we explode in expressed emotional tyranny, followed by cycles of guilt that feeds back into pent up anger into the perfect time loop. Both are an attempt to try and control a situation that is out of our control.

There is another option though: If we are brave enough, we sit down with ourselves for a frank talk to ourselves, with ourselves, about ourselves.

And then, if we make enough headway – we release ourselves from the pain we have been carrying and we release those around us from the pain we’ve been inflicting. If it’s a bit hard to do ourselves – we get someone in to help us navigate this maze of self. Simply put: WE HEAL!

I know this is quite a hard read – but ask yourself: is it worth holding on to your personal deep, dark secrets in order to betray not only yourself but those around you? Yes, the Corona Virus is not a comfort bringer by any means, but it is a transitioner, a mutant, a transformer, a changer. And as with all change – you can resist it and get hurt or you can morph and learn to flow with it to discover the positives of what it brings. Because like everything in life has a negative, it’s almost always balanced with a positive. It’s a law of the universe.




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