Day 20 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 20 – Lock Down Diaries



We are on day twenty of the initial 21 Day Lock Down.  I have to say, if you have kids: I think you are really contemplating a lot of decisions you’ve made in your life by now! I know I certainly have moments of going: “what on earth made me decide to have kids!”.

Don’t get me wrong – I am really appreciative of my time with my kids. Gosh, I’ll even go as far as to say I’m starting to enjoy having them around every day,  ALL day. But boy, when they start to scream and fight about the smallest of things, I have to really focus on keeping it together!

On top of that – my workplace is not my workplace anymore. There is constantly a laptop, a phone, glue, cool drink, homework miss prints, assignment sheets and a whole host of other things on my desk. It is not like we don’t have two other offices and PLENTY of desk and table space in the house. They all have to sit at my desk -with my computer, using my devices. Add to that: my office is adjacent to their games/media room – I am going bonkers with all the noise. See they were going to be at school during the day – so my office space was perfectly plan for zen work mornings! Not during Lock Down!

Again, I love them, but this took some getting used to. I have resorted to working at night – when they are all asleep. I can watch (Okay, Okay – I listen to the movies that I know over and over again to not feel so alone) while I get some work done.

Today I watched a peculiar series called “The Leftovers” on Showmax, our local version of Netflix in South Africa. In the series, it is about a small minority of souls that was mysteriously “reaped” by an unknown force and those left behind, are left with all the questions and have to solve the mystery. One of the mothers in the story, lost her whole family (which was uncommon because the likelihood of anyone reaped in your family was quite slim statistically speaking – and she lost them all). For her, all lost in seconds.

She made a very profound speech on the third year commemoration of the event. She said that October 14th (the date of the reaping), was the worst day of her life. She then recalled how a couple of months before the event, she had the best day of her life – and she didn’t know it.  Her and her husband and kids were having a lazy, unplanned day at the beach. Looking back retrospectively, she saw that that unassuming day, was the best day of her life. She recalled days where they were all 4 of them rotten sick in bed and she continued to say that she wouldn’t be as snoop, as to wish for the one chance to have that beach day again. She would, having lost them, be completely happy to take the horrible day, when all four of them were terribly sick and in bed – she would gladly take that day again. As long as she could have the opportunity to be with her family again.

This struck such a deep chord for me.

You know what – I don’t care what this bunch does around me – I don’t care how much cool drink, drool, snot, papers, lollies, glue and fights and messes I have to sort out. They are around me and I get to see, love and touch them every single day. And it doesn’t matter what tomorrow brings – I know, thus far, I have spent the most magickal three weeks with my family. It wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty close to heaven.

I have also been doing personal work with clients online and I am astounded at the next level of progression reached by each individual! Old stuff is going! Heart doors are opening! Now that people don’t have to rush to the next appointment, we can do sessions online and it really is not at all as impersonal as I thought it would be! I am becoming so much closer with my spiritual family members, and I’m loving it.

I know this disease will bring so many negatives, but while it is having its contractions in society, I can do what I can to support the people who I have a contract with. We are in this together and if anyone is ready to take a deeper look inside their heart chamber – I am there like a bear! Zoom session or not – we will get the work done! As humans I do believe we will always find a way to connect – always find a solution and a way to create a better tomorrow. I believe in us, I believe in humanities ability to overcome excruciating hardships and pain, but I believe in our ability to hang on to hope, even if it is the smallest amount – there will always be those of us who will hang onto the last bit of hope, until the very last minute and not give up.

What is my favourite destination in the world – where my family is – and THAT includes my spiritual family.





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