Day 19 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 19 – Lock Down Diaries



Every now and then I get a message from someone who did a session with me at Sumika. Most of the times I keep a “tab” on people that come in (where they allow me, I keep contact with them through their journey, in order to support their transformation process).  I absolutely love what I do and to see people free themselves in front of me, is absolutely priceless. But every now and then, someone comes back after a session with a message that warms my heart. Like in any industry – we don’t demand feedback from a client – but nothing beats an honest, from the heart message, from someone who cared enough to turn around to say a word of thanks!

This morning, I received such a message and I have to say: it brightened a dreary day for me! In a part of her message she referred to me as being  – (uhum sorry, let me just look the message up again) – “You are very powerful and I feel very blessed by your giving and appreciate this so much its hard to put into words. You do have a powerful gift which you are using for the good, thank you so much for including me.” This was at the end of her feedback message and it really caught my attention. Why you may ask? Because it stroked my ego? Actually, no! I am amazed at how, if you listen carefully, the world will tell you exactly where your gifts are. And the amazing part? It’s not normally your “fans” that brings the message first!

Do you have any idea how many times I have heard from people (mostly who were opposing me) that I am “too strong” (and I love this part: “for a woman”), that they always add. Too hard, too direct, too busy, too intimidating, too driven, too competitive, too bossy, too expressive, too sexual, too loud, too early and the list goes on! Always “too” something.

I am amazed at how the flip side of these slurs are things like – she is dynamic, she is a good leader, she is a go-getter, she is structured, she can make things happen, she is inspirational, she is motivational etc. When I’m criticised, I always try to think of how my mother would see or describe me. Especially in times when I need to ignore these droning voices, to stay focused on my path.

On the flip side – when I notice other people’s behaviour and it makes me uncomfortable. I always try to make sure my lenses are as clear as it can be – in other words – not let my own biases influence my perspective of this person.

How do I do it?

I always try to ask myself – how would their mother or husband see them? Would they say the person is bossy if she is a strong leader and ambitious? Why then, is their ambition such a big threat to me? If they are working hard and trying to provide for their family – why should my perspective of their competitiveness even be relevant? What is causing the conflict of interest? Is it me, feeling entitled to my piece of the pie? Or is it me not wanting to put in the man hours to achieve the goal, and now I”m upset as she is living “my idea life”? Is it because I see her as competition and not as someone I can partner with or learn from? Is it because I believe there is only so much and by her getting a three quarter pie – I get almost nothing? That is the kind of survivalist mentality that has kept massive division and rife in our society – especially amongst our sisters in the community! This also kept industries down for many years.

The big trend nower days are for competitors to collaborate because together they realise that industries are competing against each other for the consumer’s attention! Single competitors (in the same industry), competing against each other is senseless! Rather collaborate and create a huge buzz around a certain sector! Look at what chefs and the catering field did. At one point it was seen as very “back end” to be a chef in a restaurant. These days, every second child wants to be a chef! Through witty comments from celebrity chefs, cooking challenges and competitions involving the general public, they together managed to transformed the face of the industry!

Let me tell you a secret: do you know how I know I “graduated” from a lesson? Those words, slung to me by “critics”, start coming to me as compliments! And I want to thank this wonderful lady for her words today – because by her reaching out to me – she allowed Spirit to flow through her, a a time that I really needed it! That is such a great blessing! I really am having withdrawal symptoms and I can’t wait to see my first client again! Once a healer always a healer! So all and all – I would say today was a good day!





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