Day 18 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 18 – Lock Down Diaries



There are two things I am not negotiable on. My pedicure and my wax. I have been going to the same hairdresser and beauty therapist for between 12-18 years. And I am not about to exchange them because to me – they are the best! They are family! I won’t change our bond for anything.

Or would I?

This afternoon, I had a brief, weak moment. It was in a local grocer. I was walking down the isle, through the tinned baked beans, past the cleaning materials, cat food, stationary and then…. suddenly…. the cosmetics department…..

For a brief moment there I started to contemplate. Should I, Shouldn’t I? Things are getting really hairy! I like two things in life: a regular facial which includes a good overall wax and a pedicure. I don’t mind the condition of finger nails as much – but the toe nails! See, I have this thing – I believe you can gauge a woman’s upkeep by looking at the condition of her toe nails! I swear by it! And therefore – mine is always done by a professional (because I don’t like touching toes). Sorry – this may sound like first world problems – but we are all entitled to one or two idiosyncrasies – this is mine!

So back to waxing or wax creaming or whatever these products do. It’s week 3, my roots are growing out (I really miss my hairdresser) and my face and underarms are really due for a wax! Should I pull the trigger and melt away into a unforgivable pile of hair cream remover?

I said a couple of banishing prayers and, with what I can only describe as massive will power, I pulled myself away from the “pretend to be” wax shelf. My skin inaudibly celebrating, as I am walking away from the shelf of betrayal. That amount of chemicals on your skin can never bring anything good!

Proud of my accomplishment, I trottled to the till to pay. Only to find out that the 10 packets of cupboard hooks (which I thought was a totally legit DIY purchase!) from the hardware section is deemed “non essential” and can’t be sold to me. There they go – on the pile of “mam, you can’t buy that” goods. Now that’s disappointing – you messing with my organising mojo here!  Urgh, you can’t win them all can you?

That is about how exciting my day got, but as always – there is a lesson in every day. At home I celebrated my small victory of will power, ready to brave the wax isle another day. I always resolved: never will I die my own hair, paint my own toe nails or do my own wax, however, desperate times, at one point may call for desperate measures. However, if there is ONE thing I’ve learned on this path of awakening, it is: never say never!  And like all good emotional problems, I know I just buried this little matter – to be tackled another day!

We were after all, all upgraded to the “Deluxe Package” by our president the other day!





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