Day 17 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 17 – Lock Down Diaries



One of my goals is to absolutely declutter 17 years of accumulated nonsense in my house. I am currently making very good headway on that goal! As I was unpacking hundreds of CDs and DVDs on the living room table – I also find wonderful “antique” copies of VHS videos from way way back!

This made me think about how “instant” we’ve become as people. As I was contemplating weather or not to toss or keep my elaborate DVD/TV Series collection, I very quickly determined that it was not something I could justify considering all the streaming options available.  I couldn’t imagine myself putting CD after CD into a CD-player to watch a television series like I used to! I couldn’t even imagine driving around in my car with a whole library of CDs under the seat! In fact – I don’t think my car even has a place to load CDs anymore! We are all streaming and creating playlists to avoid that kind of schlep these days!

But this also brought up fond memories! Can anyone remember how we used to record songs from the radio?! I mean – we would literally be sitting with a tape cassette – ready to unpause the recording (yes you had to press the play, pause and record button at once, and then pause again, to let the tape start the recording immediately). As soon as the radio DJ said the name of your favourite song – you would press “pause” again and the whole setup will continue to record the song. OBVIOUSLY, if your little brother or mother came into the room, ALL of those sounds will be part of your recording! So we would find the quietest place in the house (I liked the garage when my dad went to work!) and we would sit for HOURS and wait for our songs!

Can you imagine “wasting” time like that today! Can you imagine people pulling up their nose for your quality recording today?

Even though I don’t necessarily want to go back or go “old school”, I do think there was something about the collective conciousness at that time that taught us some patience. With our new accessibility and instant everything today, I do believe we’ve gotten a bit spoilt and out of hand when it comes to the cultivation of our ego.

Once people realise they have a problem, they want to slap their money down on the table and they sometimes expect a healer to “fix them”. Or they want to have some magic plant ceremony to make the fact that they’ve overspent their whole life, or been addicted to work, food, substances etc. And now, expecting that to dissolve all those problems. You are going to come back from the ceremony and face the exact same circumstances. So what needs to change, what needs to be different for you to change your life/circumstances? Then people become disillusioned when all is not fixed 6 months along the line. And it doesn’t really work like that. Yes, healers can definitely activate dormant energies and potential within you – but it is still your responsibility to access and transmute that potential into something of use to yourself and the world!

It is no good to get into the blame game or the responsibility shifting game when it comes to your own creations on earth. We are all responsible to fulfill our own contracts and no one – can I repeat – no one – can do that for you! Your legacy is your responsibility!

Would I have been able to access my contracts without some help from the outside – I doubt so. And, would I have been able to access them with the speed and the accuracy that I’ve been able to do over the last 10 years – I highly doubt it. See the path of the initiate is the accelerated path. Everything that you probably would have dealt with on your death bed, is fast forwarded to an earlier slot in your life. Which means, you get to deal with more of your negative ego IN THE PHYSICAL – and this is super important! The faster you can fulfill contracts, the more ground you can cover and the more things you can complete while you are alive! This is, instead of having to struggle to complete it in other spiritual dimensions, when you have died (see you don’t have a physical body to do stuff with there!).

“The Sun will rise and set regardless. What we choose to do with the light while it’s here is up to us. Journey wisely.” Alexandra Elle

What considerations are you consciously or subconsciously taking into account when making decisions today? Are your decisions driven or made under the influence of your need to instantly gratify, or are you happy to accept a bit of delayed gratification?

During this lock down – what is really causing you to stress? The butter or maize running out in your kitchen cupboard, or your favourite facial cream or hair treatment/conditioner? See all of these are sitting in your sub-conscious and could be causing you latent or hidden angst. But can you really determine where the stressor is coming from and if it is really needed to stress about the situation you are faced with? Be careful of the little foxes. They often spoil the vineyard.





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