Day 15 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 15 – Lock Down Diaries



As humans, I think a lot of our time are spent looking for ideas. Things to do. New ways to create and innovate. Ways to bring more things in our life. We are constantly hunting for the next gadget, tool or plan to make our lives a bit easier or more interesting. This is why websites like Pinterest are so popular – this is why both sexes are constantly buying magazines or books about topics of interest.

Add to that, social media, and the constant technical drone in our minds, and we have A LOT distracting us from hearing our OWN VOICE. Our own unique, fresh ideas we need to bring into the matrix from Spirit. See, you and I carry unique keys in this life. We created a contract for ourselves when we were spirit. And only by getting quiet – will we truly access that own inner voice.

In the book: Woman who run with wolves, they tell the story of La Loba – the woman who gathers bones and sings the bones to life with own voice. The story is a fable that is teaching us about listening to our own voice on the inside and if we sing our own song – we can call our wild original soul back into existence, instead of simply conforming, copying or imitating what the system created us to be. It is about being an original, and not just a copy of someone else’s dreams or creations.

What is your inner voice saying? When do you connect with the real, true you inside you? When you are reading? Contemplating? Meditation? Crafting? Cooking?

Are you so busy doing that you are not busy being?

I find this to be my biggest takeaway from this lock down so far. I am really testing my balancing skills. I am really checking in with myself to sense what it is that I have to do for the day. I have hundreds of things I want done (and boxes and things standing around in the house), but when I wake up and I feel I have to rest – I rest. When I wake up and feel I need to paint – I paint. When I wake up and feel I have to spend time with my family – I do that. When I wake up feeling I have to do some work to generate income – I do that. But have shifted my internal driver away from “I have to” to “what do I want to give my attention today”? What feels right today? What do I feel led to do?

This I find is very powerful – this is what keeps my spirits high and keeps me away from feeling trapped. This is what I believe takes me out of “survival” mode. I don’t feel like making 100 online videos. I have a running social media programme that is scheduled well in advance. I love that. It means I can go online and access the electronic hum drum when I feel centered and ready for it.

I know this blog is on the internet, I know it very well contributes to the droning of COVID-19 on the internet. But I do hope that somewhere in these letters, your soul will connect and nudge you for something deeper and more meaningful to experience in this lifetime.

If you don’t feel 100% at peace and fulfilled in your life, you have got something to learn, something more you can achieve. No one has arrived and everyone can fast forward to something more. Challenge yourself today. Find your flow. Find your balance – and if you don’t have it – start looking for something that is going to give you that. That is what we will need in the new paradigm – in the new world that we are building.





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