Crowns and Kings

Crowns and Kings

It was my little boy’s second birthday on Saturday, 5th August 2017. He received a beautiful handmade crown from his school the Friday prior to his birthday. Now this sounds pretty normal, right? Here’s the thing: Benjamin hates wearing anything on his head. If it is snowing outside, I can beg him to wear a nice warm fluffy hat…… he does not keep it on his head. If the sun is shining, (with massive effort), I’ll get him to wear one old red hat. Perhaps. Maybe. Not.

He really does not like anything on his head. Except: THIS CROWN! I remember my daughter was the same with her first makeshift crown she brought back from school! She wore that crown until there was mostly just staples left! I have to marvel at the intuition of our children of today. They understand that they are dethroned kings and queens, visiting earth on a very important mission. They, unlike us adults, have not forgotten about their royalty. They simply know and trust their power and special place in the Kingdom of God. As adults, a lot we can learn from them!

They create unending streams of joy because they are always in one place – THE PRESENT. They trust the universe for provision because they have not been hurt and if they are, they forgive easily and move on.  They know that the world means them no harm, it’s a place to grow and a place where we are supported by so many magical and angelic energies.

May you put on your crown today. If it’s on, give it a quick polish. Wear it with pride and trust because you are a majestical creation of God. Destined for nothing but abundance, joy and progression. You only need to get yourself and your mind out of the way. We offer Life Activations at Sumika Soul Spa and the purpose of this protocol is to wake you up to that Divine connection to yourself and God that we so long have forgotten about. We are the Sons and Daughters of the Divine. I hope you find some part of that divinity in your life purpose today.

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