Compounded Interest (PART 1)

Compounded Interest (Part 1)

This week has certainly been an interesting mix of ups and downs. One of the standout moments came through a discussion about unfair discrimination and people’s complete ignorance of how they judge, stereotype, and marginalize other people with careless words. One of my regular clients commented that the bulk of what she was working through in her healing sessions with me at this exact moment, was related to the unguarded words of teachers when she grew up. She is in her 40’s, highly successful and by no means the average citizen, and still those memories and words haunt her.

As a highly qualified individual in the field of human psychology (specifically corporate behavior), she commented on what she called the compounded effect of the different incidents in those forming years. Accumulated over time, it came together to form one big sadness in her life.

She continued to explain that often the perpetrators often had a very basic understanding of human psychology and how, through their own hurt and traumas, they ended up projecting pain onto a susceptible kid. She noted however, that she has seen this with her own children  in school too. Kids have little emotional resources (and experience) to draw from to deflect these words.

It’s very difficult for them to discern when something is an innocent joke, or when it’s a real threat. In the moment of facing that behavior, it is even more difficult for them to process that incident and to act (or react) appropriately to it.

Especially in the foundation phase of a child’s development – they often internalize these words – and that is where the silent vows and world views are made. Sometimes these kids have been badgered at home already, and the badgering continues at school, amplifying their core wounding.

For example – Mum innocently tells you; “Ah, don’t be stupid man!”. A teacher comes along and says: “Ag, Lindi don’t be silly”. You hear from someone that a friend commented that your new hairstyle looks a bit dumb. Subconsciously, a person might start to adopt a worldview that they are not that intelligent. Then that person has a love interest who rejects them, because they are not “their type of look”. A teacher makes a comment about the person’s potential (or lack thereof). Someone in a senior position comes and they re-enforce a stereotype they associate the child with. And just to add another layer of complication, these kids are highly psychic and even if you don’t say it out loud, or to someone else – if you just think it – they pick up the energy. Just like adults do – they are just way more sensitive and in tune. They are reading your thoughts!

All of these little things find their way into the subconsciousness, layer upon layer upon layer. One day shockingly, (and apparently this is quite common among teenagers on social media now) a comment like “why don’t you just go and kill yourself” is thrown out at them. The child has an off day with low exam marks or exam pressure, hormones, emotions and takes a heartbreaking, drastic decision – just like we’ve seen in schools in recent years. Sadly, the victims of this unseen sedimentary effect is getting younger and younger.

Does this mean people are less resilient or does it mean the compounded layers of bullying has increased and multiplied?

One can play the blame game of ‘oh it’s a societal issue”, oh it’s social media, etc. But the reality is – it’s a YOU AND ME issue. We should start to work on our personal awareness and be mindful of what we deposit in someone else’s bucket. However small or innocent it seems. We might be way more complicit in creating hurt with our seemingly innocent comments. The souls coming into this world is getting more and more sensitive (in their soul structure) and because of that evolution, the harsh approach to psychology and the “man up” movement are crushing spirits and ruining futures. Do you want to be depositing that into the collective consciousness and worse – carry that karma over to your children?

I think teachers are especially vulnerable to act from this lack of awareness.  They work with children every day and they become more desensitized, because:

  • “everyone is going through it”
  • “it’s just another incident”
  • “he/she is just over sensitive”
  • “the parents are so and so”

Conclusions are made out of context and judgements are handed down. Things are being down played . Sadly, teachers forget that they are the authority figures and adults who sets the pace and culture for children who spend the bulk of their time around these adult mindsets. Kids are looking up at teachers because parents told them to respect their teacher. So what the teacher says, goes in their mind. And one unguarded, hurtful sentence can haunt a child for decades. We can all recall some hurtful words from our teachers in our childhood. It’s not a difficult scenario to imagine.

As an adults, we may not fully understand the subtle nuances of the newer generation, but it is each of our responsibility to get an understanding of the more subtle intricacies of what the NEW HUMAN in the NEW WORLD will look and think like. If this sentence is even difficult to understand, one already has a high probability of not being  up to speed with where the world is. AND – you are at high risk and highly probable of causing major damage in young fragile little auras.

My advice to adults is this: do yourself a favor to go deeper and work on your own understanding of yourself and others. As from your reality and lack of understanding you project unto others. Ask yourself: “What unconscious ripples am I making in people’s lives?” and am I willing to carry the consequence?

Love and Moonlight,


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