Compounded Interest (PART 2)

Compounded Interest (Part 2)

I always marvel at how people downplay it when they’ve hurt someone with their words. Especially, when the person who got hurt speaks out and tells them about it. A simple:

“You know what I am sorry, I was not fully aware in that moment. I understand how (in the context of what you were going through and what you explained now) it could have hurt you. I’m terribly sorry, please forgive me. I’ll try to be more aware in the future. Let’s work it out.”

Something as simple and honest as this would mend many hearts and avoid many exasperated repercussions in the world of the adult. This humble approach in us all, will translate into a better, healthier future world for our kids.

But sadly, people insist on protecting their ego and self-interest and the justification of their actions – as opposed to acknowledging that they have caused hurt and pain. Kids observe this in adults and continue to play this out when THEY become adults. Thus perpetuating the negative human cycles.

For the person on the receiving end of the spectrum, there is no opportunity to learn how to face their perpetrator, move on and practice forgiveness. They are never learning about mending and strengthening relationships through murky waters. If you have a party who clearly is unwilling to acknowledge the pain that they’ve caused, and show any form of remorse, it is a relationship that will eventually end. Because relationships are a two way street and no one wants to spend time with someone who is being unaware and hurtful all the time.

We live in a time of self-responsibility, and even though I am by no means suggesting that people should be sorry for everything all the time, I think that relationships, conflict resolution, and ultimately peace in our society will increase, if we can learn to create a space for people (especially our young children) where they can express when they’ve been hurt safely and without fear of persecution. An environment where open communication is encouraged and facilitated.

Every story has two sides, but if the person causing the affliction is not willing to admit that they could have unknowingly caused another pain, there is very little space for the relationship to grow or be sustainable.

My caution to individuals – especially those in positions of power is this:

Understand that the “small little innocent things” you do or say to another today, will compound over the years and eventually have a negative effect on the afflicted.

What you are saying right now that is hurtful to another, is either adding another layer to their pain, or, you are pushing them over the edge.

Even if not meant to – you are. If you are doing it out of a lack of awareness and ignorance, it does not negate your own karma and you will one day face a similar situation until you see the pain you caused, and it explodes in your face. And honestly I don’t want that for anyone. We should not have to learn awareness and wisdom through pain. If we are pro-active with our own internal work, we can avoid this kind of explosive karmic reaction in our auric structure.

By far the biggest source of this kind of hurt comes from teachers and parents. Authority figures. More specifically unaware teachers and parents. It is the work of the adults – especially those working with children – to capacitate themselves to avoid hurting the younger more impressionable children as much as possible. Very little in the old world has prepared us for this task and we are seeing the results playing out in our world today.

As an adult, if you hardly understand your own pain (suppressed for years and years) how will even, will you start to be aware of other people’s pain? This is why the creed in Ancient Mystery Schools has always been: “Know Thyself”. Which tells me is this: the more you hurt others, the less you know yourself.

Perhaps when the shoe is on your foot, you might notice that it doesn’t fit. Be careful what you put into someone’s pot – you never know if what you’ve said is “the last straw”. Could you live with yourself if that was true?

If you want to know more about how you can sort through your own emotional laundry – let me know and we can have a cup of tea. My door is always open to those who truly seek a higher understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Love and Moonlight,


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