Change your Angle

Changing the Angle

I absolutely love photography. It’s my expression, it’s my hobby it’s my art! I love the freedom that you have to capture whatever your heart desire. With the advances in technology these days, you can capture almost anything in some pretty low light conditions. The detail that you can capture from a distance with higher pixel technology is just absolutely incredible.
One of the requirements to be a good photographer (in my book) is the ability to capture light, recognise patterns and get the right angle (composition of the image).
All of the above is squarely your responsibility as a photographer and even though you can have the most advanced camera on the market, if you are not aware of the above factors, it will be very hard to capture a really great image.
As humans, I believe we are like photographers. We all have our “viewpoint” or “experience”. We are basically observers and we are using our camera and lens (5 physical and 5 spiritual senses) to perceive the world. And we are 100% in charge of the picture in front of us. If you are constantly complaining that you don’t have a good life and your life sucks, well it is your viewpoint! It is YOUR angle, it is your attitude that determines if you will have a good picture in the viewfinder! If you have a beautiful life with a garden or beach view – well – YOU CAPTURED IT!
When I enter a photography competition with my images, I can not blame the other photographers for my bad angles or my bad capture. That is a very immature and unprofessional attitude to have and not one that is going to lead you to greatness! It is perhaps the epitome of victim behaviour rearing it’s ugly head. It is what will keep humanity average. It is 100% my responsibility as the photographer  to ensure that I have the right angle, press the button to capture the image, at the right time (while holding the device stable!).
I recently started dabbling in a bit of landscape photography and I can tell you one thing: the people who get the most beautiful shots are the ones who dare and face the most extreme environments! It’s early morning rises, late nights out in the cold, high mountains, expensive gear and lots and lots and lots of practice that gets those images. Often at extremely high cost and high risk. But the ones who continue to push the envelope (and themselves) out of their comfort zone are the ones who pick the fruit and deliver us the most spectacular angles on Mother Nature!
I hear so many people blaming other people for their bad experiences (or viewpoint/angle in life). The reality is: it is your angle, your capture, your image and YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. If we are not happy with what we see on the screen (our life): CHANGE THE ANGLE! We live in the age of self responsibility. Blaming others for our lack of hard work, lack of fruit, lack or evolution or dedication to ourselves is not going to help!
The buck stops with each and every one of us when it comes to how we perceive and interact with the world.
Do you have a good angle? Are you pretending to have a good angle? Are you secretly jealous of someone else’s captures? Come on, tame that ego and build a new happier, peaceful and beautiful life for yourself! You are better than that! Inside each and everyone sits an award winning photographer (capturer of life)!
We are ALL entitled to the most SPECTACULAR sunsets and landscapes – these are all waiting for us to capture their beauty and make them part of our earthly experience!

Love and Moonlight, Leonie

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