Challenging Times?

Challenging Times?

Are you facing challenging times?

GOOD! That means you have the opportunity to grow! See, we can face challenges either as a victim or see it as an opportunity to overcome the challenge and to grow! If you approach the challenge with that mentality, you have already won half of the battle. In how you face the challenge is where you choice and victory lies!

We are often inspired by people who overcome a seemingly insurmountable amount of challenges, people who thrive in the face of adversity. We are often inspired by the resilience and true character of these people. Some people even go out and create their own challenges – simply because they know they grow from it. Think of extreme or endurance athletes, travellers, serial business entrepreneurs and competitions, where novices challenge themselves to compete against the best of the best in that particular industry.

Ask yourself: will you let this teach you, will you let this break you, will you let this harden you or make you believe that you are a failure? Your choice! Your will is what will see you through!

Why can you not be an inspiration to others through your challenges?

Now this will not mean that the process will be easy! The challenge will still well…. challenge you! And that it is what it is supposed to do.

The good news is – you have what it takes inside you to overcome any challenge you might face on your path.

You wrote your life’s contracts in wisdom and understanding AND you trained and prepared to face it on earth, for many thousands of years before you came here! You ARE prepared! You already HAVE the answers in you! You just have to trust yourself, trust the universe, and work on finding the solution you know exists! It’s about connecting the dots!

The next time you face a difficult situation, remind yourself that this holds a valuable opportunity for you to evolve to the next level of you!

Here are a few tips for when you face challenges:

  • do not isolate yourself, reach out for help from someone you trust
  • try not to think about a solution, seek guidance from your Spirit – your Higher Self (we have an amazing Sanctuary Meditation Class that will introduce you to your Higher Self if you don’t know how to connect with him/her)
  • pray to your Guides, Guardians and Angels to come and assist you with decision making
  • don’t seek validation for your decision from every second person who is willing to listen, use discernment
  • speak about yourself as if you already have a solution – the universe is listening
  • identify where you are playing out the victim role in your life
  • if you are emotional during this time, try to identify what part of the challenge triggers the response
  • try to establish patterns of where a similar situation like this played out in your life before – draw up a list of correspondences in the circumstances
  • try to see yourself as a co-creator of the problem – try to identify where your actions contributed towards the problem
  • try to avoid “thy” and “them” statements – blame shifting will hardly solve the problem
  • try not to fall into the trap of cynicism, deflection, resentment, avoidance – none of these tactics will solve the problem
  • everything after yes but….is you trying to justify yourself. Ask yourself, why you feel the need to defend? take responsibility
  • make a list of the facts of the matter
  • make a list of possible actions you can take, and also what you want the outcome of that action(s) to be
  • you can Astral Travel to access higher information about the matter (another pretty awesome class we teach!)
  • meditate on the problem – yes, empty your mind of anything you think/know about the problem
  • remind yourself you don’t have to solve everyone’s problems all the time and you don’t have to solve the problem alone – it’s OK to ask for help
  • don’t be so hard on yourself

And lastly – a repeat: don’t try to solve the matter from your mind and the physical only – approach the problem and the solution finding from Spirit!

Love and Moonlight,



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