What is Celestial Code?

What is Celestial Code?

Celestial Code Healings are a highly specialised form of etheric reconstruction which works in the emotional and soul energy system.  All seven layers of the aura is accessed within the etheric body. Emotional triggers or emotional buttons are usually the mask/camouflage that hides the real core issue. Celestial code sessions help to release this core issue. For example: Anger can be a mask for sadness. Perfectionism/arrogance can be a cover for poor self-image or self-belief. If we correct the etheric structure, we can get the body to work according to the original blue print.

What does our “original blue print mean”?

We are spirit and we are divine, Godly beings. We come from light (Source or God) and we are pure light (in our original, unpolluted form). This means that we have access to unlimited light and energy. It is only through our process of birth and living life, that our perceptions and awareness is dulled down.  Our way of education, our parents’ views of life, religion for instance, all contribute to tell us what we “should” be and not what we are. Gradually we stop believing that we are pure light and love – we stop believing that we are divine, and fears start to control our decision making or self-perception.


Celestial code work will help you to reset or restore that original condition or purity we came to earth with. This is why, we often look at a baby, and they seem so clean and pure. It is because they have just come from God and they are completely untainted by the conditioning and horrors of the world. They remind us of who we were and essentially – who we are.

God’s light shines everywhere and on everyone. There is no limit to our access to this source – except for us who are willingly blocking this light from filling our lives. This healing will help dissolve those blockages so that you can step into being the real you.

How does it work?

Etheric reconstruction is performed within your most sacred area – the Celestial Code Region. This is where core issues that you created in your formative years are stored. These core issues start when you are developing your relationship to God before the age of 7 and when you experience situations that in the child’s mind, are confusing and negative. These experiences undermine your belief in God and the belief in yourself.

If we don’t change the blueprint, the chances are highly likely that the person will fall back into old patterns.

Why Celestial Code Healing?

This process restores us to 100% of our goodness. It saves souls. Approximately 90% of all physical illnesses come directly from the negative energies held in the etheric field! Removing these negative energies allows you to move forward in life with fewer repeats of old patterns as well as with a healthier physical body. This healing is not just removing attachments or obstacles in this life but will greatly support your progression in the afterlife. It is needed in order to restore our connection to God, our divinity and ultimately our purpose!


Benefits Include:

  • Helps to clear and release core emotional issues.
  • It transmutates trauma – doesn’t just move it around in your auric structure or worse, pass it un to others – it literally destroys it.
  • The clarity gained from the emotional release will help focus you on your life goals and purpose. It gives clarity about our life
  • Helps people move past depression or significant improvements in severe cases. Includes: Post Natal Depression
  • Recovery from trauma e.g. emotional and physical abuse, vehicle accident
  • Ancestral clearing of emotional debris and patterns stuck in the bloodline. This healing is highly recommended to individuals who received a full Ancestral Clearing.


This is one of the modalities that shows the most instant results in the Mystery School tradition and is highly recommended for individuals who have been doing a fair amount of inner work and now need that little “lift’ to progress to the next level.


This is a highly specialised modality of which only a couple of handfuls of people in the world currently are certified to perform. In South Africa we have only three (3) qualified practitioners.


CAUTION: for this healing you must be ready to release the core issues keeping you back. If you are not sure what they are or that you want to release them, please continue with Etheric Reconstruction until you are ready and clear about the process. Have you done some inner work? Do you know what circles you are walking in repeatedly? The answer to this will help you identify or see core issues. This session is highly recommended after someone completed some inner work with Kabballah and the King Salomon Healing Modality Series.

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