But you are so strong?

But you are so strong?

A lot of times people tell me: “but Leonie, you are so strong, people will not bully you. I can’t stand up to these people, they have too much power.” Or something in that direction. And my answer is always: “Yeah, I was not always strong and I am not always just strong!” Life is not easier for me “because I am strong”!  In fact, it’s a lot harder when you stand up for what you believe in. You get prosecuted a lot more if you have a voice, than when you are just going with the general flow or direction of the current! I was not always “strong” (I’d like to think of it as empowered rather!). I had to work very hard on myself to get where I am today! Stop telling yourself that you don’t have power because you look at someone who you perceive to have “power” or a voice and cheat yourself out of self respect and empowerment because you don’t think you have the same ability! This is a form of self sabotage!


I made lots of mistakes, I said a lot of wrong things and most of all – I distrusted myself when I was supposed to follow my intuition! And I got severely burnt! But I’ve put myself out there, I’ve gained experience and it made me strong! It is to our detriment if we sit and hide from the world, avoid conflict altogether, shrink ourselves and then don’t take action because we fear making a mistake! This will stop you from personal growth and evolution!


Saying to someone that they are “strong” AND using it as an excuse for why you are not taking responsibility for your own life, is like pleading poverty to a rich person and blaming them for the fact that you don’t have money! It is like blaming your fitness coach for the fact that you are not fit! We all have to take our own responsibility to create our own:

  • money
  • resources
  • empowerment
  • progression in life
  • inner peace and happiness in life



No one can make you rich, happy, empowered or give you a life filled with joy! it starts with you and it stops with you!  It is time to get out of the victim trap! You may or may not even know that you are trapped in this cage!


My invite is for you to start to do your inner work and ask yourself some hard questions. If you are not happy with the life you have created to date – put a peg in the ground to create the change now.  If you are happy with what you created – guess what – there is always a next step to which we will eventually all evolve!


Sharpen your pencil! Colour your life with more colours – use new pencils and make it BIG! We need more kind, caring, successful people in the world!

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