Becoming a Guide – How The Modern Mystery School Changed My Life

Becoming a Guide – How The Modern Mystery School Changed My Life



In order to become certify as a Guide in the Lineage of King Salomon, you have to go through a training process to get certified. For me this journey (in between in having two children and quitting once!) it took 5 years to complete – and I train people on corporate level for a living! The process is quite rigorous for the reason that they want to make 100% that the person teaching these ancient mysteries are holding the energy and keeping the content clean and free from polluted constructs. It was not an easy path to walk for me. BUT, oh my goodness – the rewards! Now that I look back on the path I can without a doubt say it was worth EVERY STEP! And I am so so glad that I didn’t quit (even when I did!).


I can not speak for anyone else’s experience but I can talk about my own experience and how I’ve seen other people grow that’s come through the Modern Mystery School. My mind is blown by the amazing fruit and progress I have made since I first started my journey 10 years ago!


I have expanded in so many areas of my life:


  • emotional wellness/management
  • financially completely differently – my ability to generate and attract abundance expanded x1000s!
  • relationally – I relate to people from a completely different place!
  • internally – I am at peace with myself!
  • service/charity – I live for more than just my own selfish needs
  • love – I am able to love and forgive even my worst enemy and be free
  • boundaries – I have quite a number of them in place now and I keep enforcing them
  • health – I am exercising regularly – looking after myself and my body
  • family – I am able to go through conflict but love my family from a completely different understanding
  • I can probably type this list till next week.


Becoming a Guide was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Without a doubt. BEING A GUIDE – hands down is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life! To see people grow, find themselves, fall in love with themselves again, relationships repaired, people feeling a relief from years of trauma they carried with them for years? PRICELESS – I will not swop that for anything in the world! My hours away from my family and my kids was worth every minute – because in the end, I became a better mom for them!




IN SERVICE WE FIND OUR JOY!  I never understood it till now!

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