Beautiful World

Beautiful World

This past month has brought us to big choices and tough challenges. Being faced with the absolute worst of humanity’s behavior, one tends to get discouraged and disillusioned as all just seems to be so out of integrity in this world. We want to demand justice, we want to protect, but at the end of the day – all you can do is surrender and do what you can to continue to have hope and to bring light to things you are passionate about. Having children makes us vulnerable to so many things, and often it is better to rather keep quiet in order to preserve them. It is hard, especially if you are trained to speak out and fight for what is right and just.

This afternoon I was driving home with my son and in passing a nearby town, we crossed a big mountainous area with big overhanging rocks and cliffs. Out of the blue Benjamin says this: “Wow those are pretty rocks! Mom, why is the world so darn pretty?” Immediately I got a lump in my throat. In this moment of time, it’s the last description I would have for the world. But I think quickly and answer: “Because your heart is pretty and the eyes through which you look at the world are pretty. The world is what you see it to be.”

It struck me – when last did I hear myself and/or anyone around me for that matter say that the world is pretty? It’s all about complaining about what is wrong, what doesn’t work and what is not the way it should be. A lot of time wasted complaining, instead of just opening our eyes and pausing for a moment to see that which is pretty and good.

He continues to ask me why the world has so many rocks – after which I answered him that the world is a physical place – it is made up of physical matter and rocks are some of the densest manifested forms of matter.” I tell him that he is spirit – he is light – he is some of the lightest manifestations of matter. Oh, he says, that’s cool. I love rocks”. (Or rokkes as he used to call them when he was younger).

I love this quote:

“Education begins the moment we see children as innately wise and capable beings. Only then can we play along in their world.” Vince Gowmon

He had gone through one of the toughest weeks of his life, he could have chosen to be ugly, aggressive, hateful and broken. He did not. He moved on and he gives love freely. He notices what is good about the world and people and he keeps telling me – “Mom, I’m trying”. I learn so much from you my boy and even though my throat sometimes wants to close in angst about your fire and ventures, I do deep down inside me trust your higher guidance and wisdom so deeply. I don’t always know why you choose what you choose and how you choose it, but I know I trust your path. I know your path will take you to freedom and abundance. Your path is different than the normal trodden one, and for that I’m both scared and grateful.

No matter where it leads us, I’m here for you and I am right beside you. I will believe in you till the end of days. Keep seeing good inside yourself, the world and people around you, even though they don’t always show you that. Even if the last person on earth does not, keep making this world pretty!

Love and Moonlight, Leonie

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