Avoiding Conflict

Avoiding Conflict

One of the things that I spend a lot of personal introspective time on, is trying to find patterns and observe myself and my reactions to situations in my life. Is it me thinking or assessing the situation – or is it my childhood programming, trying to “think” for me?

Let me explain by giving an example. My mother in her nature (or programming) is conflict avoiding. She can not really function well in conflict, and she will avoid it at all cost. This afternoon, while walking into my bathroom, I bend down to pick up my 8 year old son’s swimming towel and costume for the how manieth time. I sigh and I call him, ready to to read him his rights! This made me thinking about how I grew up. Our clothes could be strewn over the floor, but my mother would rather sigh and pick it up than confront us, and try to teach us a lessson. A lesson that I think is quite important in life. A lesson that one would classify as a “mom” responsibility, but abdicated often because of unhealed trauma. Sometimes conflict is needed, otherwise we don’t learn the lessons! Can you think of ways in which this plays out in your own life (as a parent), and how it played out in your childhood?

Even with my own children, I can think of a couple of ways in which I have allowed my childhood programming to interefere with my role and responsibility as their guide and parent.

A delicious question to take into your Sanctuary Meditation perhaps? Where am I allowing my programming to make the decisions, where actually, I’m avoiding or abjudicating my responsibility in the role that i serve? Where have I treated an employee, my partner, a friend unfairly and where have I hurt innocent people, because of me falling back in old patterns? Lack mentality, depression, religion, dogma, schooling, trauma responses, rescue behavour, prosecution, betrayal, selfishness, materialism, addictions, transference, theft, murder, jelousy? All the known and lesser known aspects of our shadow selves? And don’t forget what you inherited through your ancestry. It doesn’t matter how “justified” you may believe you were in taking your actions – the bottom line is that at some point, we will all face ourselves and or deliberate and unconcious decisions. Are you happy to be on he receiving end of all your actions thus far?

Be prepared for interesting answers and brutal honesty from your Higher Self – your trusted friend through the 12 Dimensions!

Love and Moonlight,


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