Are you too much?

Are you too much?

Have you heard from people around you that you are “too much”?

This external message can only hurt you if it is already a wound you carry. However, are you unconsciously aware that you are responding to these external messages that is trying to keep you from following your instinct within?

Have you heard:

  • You are too emotional
  • You care too much
  • You get too involved
  • You are obsessive
  • You are too passionate
  • You work to hard
  • You are too intense
  • Let it go
  • You love too much
  • You are intimidating
  • You are too hard on people
  • You are too busy
  • You are too driven
  • You spend too much time on xyz
  • You are too much of a rebel
  • You question too much

It could even be something like “you spend too much money on your personal progression”.

Ask yourself why the person telling you these things are feeling that you are “too much”. Perhaps they are “too little”? Is it the same person giving you the message over and over? Are you getting these messages from different people? Why are you getting repeated messages from different people?

Do your introspection and ask yourself who you are in relation to these messages. Get a coach if you need to bounce things off. However, if you in your heart feel you have to do something – do it. If you truly believe in what you are doing and feeling – pursue it until you find inner peace about it. No one has your contracts to fulfill – only you can gauge when you are too much anything. If Nelson Mandela believed the message from his opposition that he was “too much of a terrorist” he would not have persisted to create a better future and legacy for all in South Africa (and the world for that matter).

Have the courage to get clarity about your purpose in life. Start to pursue it with passion. Learn to discern when someone is your teacher (giving you a message or a reflection of your wound) or when they are an obstacle who is standing in the way between you and your goal/purpose in life. Remember: ONLY YOU HAVE YOUR CONTRACTS! Learn to trust you!

But here is a BIG CAUTION: If you are not clear about your purpose in life – this task will be almost impossible. You might be lying to yourself or believing illusions because you do not have clarity about who and what you are. Therefore everyone in relation to you feels “wrong”. They key is: You need to be clear about who you are and what your purpose in life is.  Otherwise you will be like a leaf in the wind – when external circumstances pushes you one way you will sway that way – if it goes another way you will go that way.  It is critical that you are clear on what you came to do on this earth. In order to help you get clarity about your goal in life we have the Full Spirit Activation to help you connect with your soul body and your soul body carries the detail of your purpose in life. This healing will allow this purpose to open and clarify for you. Empower Thyself Training is a two day class where you will be able to extensively look at information that could help you clarify your purpose in life. It really is life changing in the perspective it provides!


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