Are You Being Ignored?

Are You Being Ignored?

Do you sometimes walk around and you feel……..kind of invisible? Like even if you let out the hardest of screams, that no one will hear you, even if they stood next to you?

Do you find yourself (in general) able to blend into the background perfectly – you know, almost blending perfectly in with the 2-dimensional inanimate wallpaper at the back of the room?

Many people claim to even like being in the background, they like being the “observer” or claim being “introverted”. Truth be told, I don’t buy it.

Why? Because I know a little about who we are, what our mission is here on earth, and “blending in” doesn’t quite fit the bigger picture!

NO! We are all here to be the start in our own movie! You are here to be the King or Queen of your King/Queendom! Why on earth would you wish to blend in, follow and or play second fiddle to help someone else fulfill their dreams?

You (and me!) have the power to create or co-create our lives with other Royal Highnesses on this earth – IF WE CHOOSE TO EXERCISE THAT BIRTH RIGHT!

But how do we do this practically? It all sounds quite dreamy and kind of out of touch with reality?

I am here to tell you that there is a whole world full of magick and tools to discover out there. Tools and ways to create your own dreamlike world – to bring that dream into reality! You just have to go and get it!

Why do I say that?

BECAUSE IT IS HARD TO IGNORE AN INITIATE from a royal lineage. It is hard to ignore royalty when they are in the room! Do you want to be seen for who you are? Do you want to be valued and loved for who you are? It  starts with you – you have to see yourself for who you are – you have to love yourself for who you are! Only in that process, will you connect with your purpose and you will be able to bring your talents and your gifts to serve the people of the world, in YOUR unique way!

If you are curious about finding out what it means to become an Initiate, inquire about our next Empower Thyself Workshop that will be running soon! If you are already being ignored by the world – what do you have to loose? Yet, you have everything to gain!

Love and Moonlight,



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