Anything not Everything

Anything not Everything

One of the common life philosophies taught to children is the well meaning: “you can be anything you want to be”. And truth be told, it comes from people who are trying to encourage the child to chase their dreams and to dream big. Technically, at it’s core, I don’t believe this advice is wrong, but I don’t think it’s explained to young impressionable minds in full. And that makes it dangerous advice. Like in life, context is everything.

Yes – You can be anything! But…. does it mean you SHOULD be everything? No, most certainly not – and herein lies the trap.

Think about this – for a young mind that grew up “earning” their parent’s love and attention through good deeds, this can very easily be taken onboard and interpreted as: “I have to do everything” and in extreme cases the sling can be added: “for all people all the time” …….to be liked, accepted, loved etc. A child that was rejected, will quite often fear rejection or fear being left out. And that fear can put this wheel to momentum quite dramatically.

As an adult with healthy role models, experience, wisdom, it is easy to understand that “you can be anything”. But it is a hyper focused statement. Gosh, it can even be a virtue for a young healthy mind to follow this advice!

But, as a child, who earned love with actions, it can easily translate to: “If I want more love and attention, I have to do more”.  And that child gets caught in a perfect trap of violating their own inner voice and discernment, in an attempt to always please others (or to earn more love and recognition). The sad reality is for that child, their need for love and acceptance, supersedes their urge to follow their inner voice or need for personal boundaries.

Perhaps, as adult, you exhibit the same behavior? Are you physically and emotionally tired right now? You may have been stretching yourself too thin in order to meet everyone’s demands around you. Are you trying to still be everything for everyone? Are you still trying to do everything! Or be ANYTHING?

Do you dream of being: the best tattoo artist in the world, the best hairdresser in the world, the best mom in the world? No matter the dream – it requires focus and repeated action taken towards that goal. It means making choices and saying no to other things that are not aligned to that goal. It means not constantly saying yes to all that is trying to demand your attention. Rather a more frequent “no” to anything that does not contribute towards your dream.

Do you recognize yourself in some of the above? Would you like to know how to undo these behavior patterns? Do you want to know how to change the harming default behaviors or choices in your life? We have ancient tools that work for people of all creeds to help you shift these intrinsic belief systems, so that you can live your life more free from the control of the subconscious mind! In doing so, you can achieve your fullest potential in this life! And live a life free from the mundane!

Love and Moonlight,


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