All about the money – or is it?

All about the money – or is it?

Many times in life, we will say or pretend that money is not important to us. To me, that is half truth and half false. Money is a form of energy. We use it to make exchanges to get what we want, need or desire. But why exactly do some people have more of it than other? Does hard work automatically guarantee our success or wealth in life?  You just have to look around the world to see that the last statement is not true. Working hard can be a way to achieve financial independence, but, it is not a given. We all know good, hard-working, trustworthy individuals who are living just above the breadline. We also have good, hard-working, trustworthy individuals who live with incredible wealth. What is it that one group knows and the other not?

I think this is a very big conversation to address in one small blog space, but, this is an attempt to share my experiences and small tips on how to support the flow of energy in your life. You may have many more of your own tips and formulas to add.

Part of conscious living means that we have to live in a state of harmony with our environment. It is about achieving that inner peace or “quiet pond” on the inside. Once you have successfully tapped into that space, part of life, is to figure out how to stay there, despite what is going on in your Micro and Macro environment. In other words – no matter what happens with you in the day – STAYING CALM and centred in our emotions are key. Now if you’ve ever had a job, family, business or any similar venture, you will know that this is much easier said than done. Often times we wake up at 6.00 am with the best intention in the world. By 10.00 am, some of us had our first fight with a three year old to brush their teeth, disagreed with the delivery guy and made excuses as to why the account at the Veterinarian has not been paid yet.  It only takes one more call from the school accounts department to bring in the fear, despair, embarrassment and anger in our day. And when these feelings of being threatened comes in, we often turn to what psychology refers to the “flight” or “fight” response. Both of which are contracting actions and not expanding actions. You can feel your stomach contracting BEFORE you attack or run away. Its that churning tummy feeling.

Even though there is a definite emotional mastery component to this process, I would like to think there are a couple of ways in which we can “short circuit” these reactive processes.

In my personal life, I started the following positive habits about money:

a. I started viewing money as my allie. NOT my enemy. NOT something to be scared of.  Similar to the military training of the Korean Special forces, that uses the sea or water as basis for military defence. These soldiers have to overcome extreme fears about water: drowning, standing head upside in the waves for hours, diving into deep water with their hands tied behind their back to retrieve items. Their training is anything but comfortable and pleasant. But by mastering their emotions and fear of the water – they actually eventually start to like being in the water and they use their skill to survive in these circumstances. And this makes them very successful and gives them an advantage over their enemy. Now with money, most of us don’t have to go through these gruelling experiences  but the principle is the same. If we can change how we perceive money and our reaction to our perceived “lack” thereof, we can change ourselves to like(attract) money. Thus if we change our perspective, we change our relationship to it. From that point we can see it as a resource which can use to achieve things in life.  But truthfully – it starts with our minds!

b. Everything in life is about energy. And guess what… our attitude towards something is actually an energy towards that item. Most of us are well aware of the “Law of Attraction”. Honey, if you are not attracted to that item… it will not attract it’s way into life your life! If you have a good attitude about something, it will find it’s way into your life! If you have a negative attitude about something you will be like a magnet with two negative sides pointing to each other. You will push that item away from you, because it will automatically adjust to offer you the same pole (positive or negative) as the one your magnet (attitude) is giving out! So how you speak about money, will severely impact on how money will “behave” towards you!

c. When I have to make a payment to someone or some business – I make an effort NOT to resent them for the payment that I have to make.  Not only will it attract that attitude into my life when I deliver goods and service to my clients, but it will make my suppliers negative towards me. And this you will notice especially with recurring suppliers. As I do the EFT transfer I say a quick prayer of thanks to God for the provision of energy in my life and the privilege of being able to forward some of that to someone else. I bless my suppliers and thank them for their good service or product that they already offered in exchange and I MOVE ON! I don’t sit on it, I don’t stress about it, I MOVE ON! I trust that my source will be replenished. I have to go work for it, but somehow the work always comes in!

d. I try not to hold on to money (energy) too much. If I stop spending money completely, the money that comes into my life will trickle down. If I increase my spending, my income increases. Sounds counter productive or counter to everything you’ve been taught in Accounting? I believe our God is an infinite source of energy and I have had to learn to TRUST that God wants to make any and all the energy available to me that I want to successfully complete my contract (this human experience or earth journey). So if I run out of energy, guess what – there is plenty more with Pappa! And this, in the context of my upbringing, was a big breakthrough for me! I did not grow up with wealth and abundance of money. Of love yes, but not always money. We didn’t lack anything big, but we definitely had to work within the budgetary constraints of the average family household. As an adult, I don’t run ANY of my three businesses from that perceived idea of lack. When I dream or set strategic goals, I don’t use my perceived annual budget as the backdrop for my dream/painting. I don’t set my price to my services thinking: “what can they afford”? I go: “what am I worth – what is my time worth”? And then I set the price. It is up to the client to decide how badly they want/need the item.  I dream first and then access my infinite source of energy to make that reality.  PS: there is a big caution about this principle. The reason for the purchases must be pure and not linked to “ego purchases”. Those will get us in trouble every time!

e. Manifest it! People always say to me: “you are so lucky, you are always travelling and seeing new places”. Honey, luck has VERY little to do with it. I am a very stubborn, persistent individual. When I get something in my head, my husband knows, it’s going to happen. Ever since I was a kid I had this thing where when I wanted something (and I wanted to make it happen), I DID! If it meant working, starting my own candle business at age 15 or whatever I had to do to make money to achieve my goals – I DID IT! Same goes for travelling! I can honestly say that I didn’t wait until I had the “extra cash” for any of my overseas trips. I would simply get the vision of the country in my head, book the flight and work for the money to pay accommodation and expenses up until the last day before my flight! Nower days, it’s going a bit easier but when I was young: 21 (and married!), I would often hop unto a plane and just visit all the countries I wanted to! Most of the time my hubby didn’t have the same interest and he would let me go but I will exchange those experiences for nothing in the world. What I paid for those trips are long gone worries!

It’s a mouthful about an endless topic but I hope that these thoughts might inspire you to bring some energy changes related to money into your life! If you want to know about extra ways in which to facilitate an intrinsic change in energy and attitude, I suggest reading up about Life Activation under our Sessions section. This is a real “booster” modality that will put your life on a fast track path towards growth!

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