About Tea and Discernment

About Tea and Discernment

I don’t really consider myself a “foodie”, but seeing that my star sign is Taurus, I tend to like the material and the physical pleasures of this life to the maximum. As I grew on my spiritual journey, I noticed that my tolerance for certain “unrefined” tastes also subsided. Years ago a friend introduced me to a certain brand of tea. Given the fact that this particular box of tea cost more than three times what normal brands do, despite the considerable extra cost I pay it with a smile. The super soft tannins in the tea is completely worth the extra money.  I know it is ethically sourced and produced. Because I understand the value of the tea compared to other types, I am willing to pay even 5 times the price. I simply can not drink the normal caffeine-rich teas anymore. That and boxed milk is my my pet hate in life.

The problem was that this tea was not widely available in supermarkets in South Africa. I used to buy all the stock when I found it in a supermarket. Since then, I found a website stocking the tea online, and thankfully, I could introduce my friends to this specific brand too! They are now like me tea “snobs” and I expect nothing but “my” brand tea when I visit them! I even take my bags with me when I travel overseas!

What is the lesson behind my brand obsession? I believe the lesson is about discernment. When we are unaware or ignorant about the fact that something better exists, we tend to settle for what we have or what we know. Often times, what we believe is a  “false quality perception” about a brand or product. We are made to believe that those “common” options are the only options available. Kind of like the human systems we created on earth. We gradually accept what is the norm in terms of human behaviour and standards. We refuse to look out of the box and when the system tells us that Option 1 and Option 2 is the total of the choice we have in life, we gladly oblige. It is very hard for us to believe that an Option 3 exist it if was not offered to us. But what about the fact that perhaps Option 3 is only offered to those who care to ask?  All dictated by a sense of “government” or collective consciousness of thought.  We are faced with so many choices to make on a daily basis but our minds have been so polluted with half truths, that it is really hard for us to discern between the good tea products and the not so great products or choices on the market.

Exactly the same goes for our spiritual path of progression. As an eternal spirit, we are having a human or physical experience. We’ve been introduced to many concepts or constructs that does not serve our ultimate good. On a daily basis it is our right to choose between positive and negative engagements but we find it very hard to avoid the traps of the mind, the ego and societal pressures.

Our Sumika healing modalities were designed to physically remove those impurities from your spiritual system so that you can start to develop your own better discernment about what will progress and what will block your growth in life!  We know that everything that is causing a block in the spiritual body (or soul) will, if left untreated, manifest in the physical body. That is why so many diseases are unexplained in origin. This is why we continue to work ourselves into a pulp but we don’t see the physical manifestation of wealth in our lives. If we can clear the emotional and spiritual clutter in your auric structure, we can move forward in EVERY area of our life. This includes: finances, relationships, our purpose, family and self worth.

Are you settling for a substandard condition in your spiritual body? Are you aware that you can feel much better within yourself and that you have unlimited potential? Did you know that you can activate your unlimited potential by using 3000 year old (tried and tested) spiritual development techniques that not only support your body but helps you to evolve your human mind and spirit?

Perhaps it’s time to take out the “emotional trash” you carry in your body and to start to make place for the new?

Perhaps this will help you to create a better life for yourself in developing your sense of discernment for better decision making?

Perhaps it is time to open your mind to the fact that there are always something more to learn, something else you can strive towards and that you may or may not even be aware of all the high quality experiences the universe has in store for you in this life!

Maybe you can start to be proactive to investigate the possible ways of self discovery and improvement?

Our Life Activation and Full Spirit Protocols are designed to open and initiate the process for you to tap into and activate your highest good. Don’t settle for anything but the best from yourself. Don’t settle for a life of ignorance and a lack of discernment. People will respect you, ONLY if you respect yourself. May you have many happy cups of tea for the week ahead! If you would like to read more about our healing modalities, hop on over to our “Sessions” tab where you can actually book a and pay for a session online. Your ability to change your own life lies in your hands. No one else can help with that. Only YOU can change YOU.

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