A Life Worth Living

A Life Worth Living

I look around me and I see many people who are depressed. Depressed (or more accurately subdued, lackluster, unengaged) – not expressing and creating the life they want! Maybe not clinically depressed, but definitely not living a life of abundance and joy. I believe this happens for a different reason. To have abundance and joy – means you are fulfilling your purpose and soul contracts in life to the full!

Why is that such a problem in our society today?

I for one, would also be depressed if I was told to live someone else’s life! Early on in my career I knew that working for a boss was not part of my calling in life. I absolutely loathed every minute of working as an employee. I did it to the best of my ability and as much integrity as I could, but I knew it wasn’t my “home”. I knew I wanted to have my own business and that I wanted to help my clients in a meaningful way as business partners – not only as a mere contractor delivering a service, getting paid for my bill and then starting the cycle over again.

I wanted to create long lasting, meaningful change, for those I met. To this day this is my business philosophy – when I deal with clients, I treat their business with the same interest and care of detail that I would treat my own. Not because it is the most profitable model, but because it is the most sustainable business model and because I care about their Kingdom as much as I care about my own, without allowing myself to be sucked in and get stuck with their reality long term, which in turn would stop my progression in my own business, and that doesn’t serve my clients either.

My biggest challenge in business has been to find not only clients that will pay the bills, but corporate clients who’s values and ethos are aligned with mine. AND THAT SOMETIMES IS A NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK!

But thank goodness for the law of attraction, right?

I had to go through a lot of uncomfortable customer experiences, before I realised that I can start to attract like-minded clients by consciously putting my intention of what I wanted “out there”.  And just like that! I started attracting some of the most amazing clients of my career. I can tell endless positive stories of business decisions that was influenced by our intervention and the positive outcomes it had for both clients, their employees and us! When this started happening in my business, our abundance came with it. We had trust from our clients and we offered them the best, most bespoke customer service at a decent remuneration (we were not paying our clients to work – like some small businesses do).

Back to my point of being depressed – I have a couple of questions for contemplation:

  1. Have you ever woken up in the morning thinking: “Is this all to life there is?”
  2. Are you helping someone else fulfill their contracts, not necessarily your own?
  3. Are you unclear of what your contracts are?
  4. Are you still doubting your purpose in life?
  5. Do you in your gut know that there is more for you “out there”?
  6. Do you live every day with very little joy, peace and abundance?
  7. Are you sometimes jealous if you look at someone else? (in real life, on social media – that might be a powerful clue of what you should have in your life!)

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions you might very well be living someone else’s life! You are building someone else’s Kingdom! And even though it is great to “pop in” or visit someone else’s Kingdom to learn, you should not allow yourself to be trapped in the illusion of “safety” you get by living in their world. This is not their fault by the way – it is yours! You are failing to take responsibility for yourself and your own kingdom! What respectful King or Queen does that without giving their own personal power and authority away?

No dear Gods and Goddesses, it is time to rise and wake up from the illusion of safety you get by living in someone else’s kingdom. It is time to respectfully withdraw yourself from their world and it is time to create, dream and build up your own KINGDOM!


If you want to know how to take the first steps towards breaking free and stepping into your own world and soul contracts, contact me for a Life Activation. It will change your life (like it did mine!).

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