King Salomon Healing Modality

The King Solomon Healing Modality consists of a series of ten sessions

King Salomon Healing Modality

The King Solomon Healing Modality consists of a series of ten sessions

What is the King Salomon Healing Modality?

These sacred modalities carry the most advanced healing keys on the planet

Amongst other things, these sacred modalities will help you restore balance and accelerate deep internal healing in the recipient.  In short, this modality is about healing emotional wounding.


We have forgotten who we are, we have forgotten that we are divine beings with a divine purpose and unique essence in life.  Getting knocked back in life again and again wrongly teaches us that we are just a number, just a worker or visitor, without a divine purpose.  But we are so much more – and King Salomon understood this in his early years, which inspired him to study the human potential for pretty much his whole life.


During the King Solomon Series, we will heal the etheric and auric structure of the spiritual body. Both are connected the physical body and therefor has an impact on the condition of our physical body.


With this series it is important to understand that each modality is a building block and lays a foundation for the next block to be placed on top. We cannot miss a session and we cannot have more than two weeks in between these sessions.  It therefore operates as a system and the individual sessions cannot be pulled apart from the series except for the Star Seed healing and the Unified Chakra Awakening, which can be done as stand-alone sessions. If you are unsure you can try these two sessions to see if you want to commit to the series.

Each of the sessions are designed with a specific goal and healing purpose in mind.

Heal yourself on all levels

This is the ultimate modality for physical and spiritual healing available to mankind to date.

What are some

of the benefits?

  • Feeling more peace
  • Seeing more options
  • Cured physical ailments
  • Feeling more sure
  • Increased levels of productivity
  • Increased levels of creativity
  • More energy to perform daily tasks
  • More focussed on life goals
  • More balance in daily life
  • More balanced in how life is approached
  • Relief from chronic depression
  • Improved self esteem (empowerment)
  • More trust in self
  • Released unhealthy clutter and debris
  • Decrease in personal conflict

Is this for you?

  • Physical disease
  • When going through major transitions in life
  • General restlessness
  • Curing sleep disorders
  • Addictions: substance, work, gaming etc
  • Being overly emotional
  • If you went through surgery
  • When suffered extreme loss
  • Release mental residues from traumatic experiences
  • To ignite new fire (passion) in you’re your life
  • To find new joy and personal peace
  • To reconnect oneself to your inner wisdom
  • Connecting to your purpose and divinity
  • Low energy levels & lack of flow

The Particulars

Price: R4,300.00 per session

Duration: 10 Sessions

Regularity: Once every 7 days, not more than 14 days between sessions

Prerequisite Requirements: Life Activation

For this session you have to be clear on what you want to release e.g. behavior, thought pattern, addiction, crutch etc.

Practitioners: Leonie Jordaan

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